[Met Performance] CID:10410
Mignon {11} Metropolitan Opera House: 01/8/1892.

(Debut: Sebastian Montariol

Metropolitan Opera House
January 8, 1892
In Italian


Mignon..................Marie Van Zandt
Wilhelm Meister.........Sebastian Montariol [Debut]
Philine.................Maria Pettigiani
Lothario................Jules Vinché
Frédéric................Sofia Scalchi
Laërte..................Agostino Carbone
Jarno...................Antonio De Vaschetti
Antonio.................Giuseppe Cernusco

Conductor...............Louis Saar

Marie Van Zandt repeated the Styrian aria, "Conosco un zingarello."
Sofia Scalchi repeated the Gavotte, "Ci sono. Ho tutto infranto."

Unsigned review in The New York Times


Ambroise Thomas's pretty opera "Mignon" is evidently popular with the New York public. At any rate, there was a large audience in the Metropolitan Opera House last night when the tuneful work was brought forward once more by Messrs. Abbey, Schoeffel & Grau's Opera Company. It is unnecessary at this late day to comment on the music of this charming work. Every one in New York who knows anything at all about music is thoroughly familiar with its principal airs and can hum them, not only in the corridors between the acts but even the next morning at home. So there is no need of praising Mr. Thomas's pretty tunes, grateful as that task would be.

It would be all the more grateful in view of the fact that no great amount of praise can be given to the performance. It had its happy moments, but they were fleeting. When they did come they were decidedly enjoyable. One of these happy moments was that in which Mina Scalchi began the familiar gavotte, which she sang in her well-known manner. It was one of the most refreshing things of the evening, and the audience demanded its repetition.

Mlle. Marie Van Zandt was a demure Mignon. Her voice is too small for the Metropolitan, and perhaps it may be as well to add, out of respect for the inviolability of truth, that her style is also too small. Her singing of the air generally known by its French title, "Connais tu le pays," was almost wholly devoid of expression. In the Styrian aria of the second act, when she had opportunities for ornamental work, she acquitted herself with greater credit and received a demand for an encore.

M. Montariol, lately tenor of the Minnie Hauk company, made his first appearance here as Wilhelm Meister. He has a very light and rather throaty voice, but he at least sang the greater part of his music in an unaffected, straightforward style.

Pettigiani was the Filina. She sang her music in about the same style as she sings everything, which is not saying anything serious. The aged minstrel, Lothario was in the hands of M. Vinche, a basso who possesses a sepulchral voice and a sepulchral method. Signor Carboni, a trustworthy buffo, did his work acceptably in the role of Laerte. The chorus was tolerable and the orchestra fair. Herr Louis Saar conducted.

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