[Met Concert/Gala] CID:110950
Easter Sunday Concert. Metropolitan Opera House: 03/27/1932.

Metropolitan Opera House
March 27, 1932


Scenery for Peter Ibbetson
designed by Joseph Urban

James P. Dunn: Overture on Negro Themes
Metropolitan Opera Orchestra

W. A. Fisher: Spanish Gold
Jacques Wolfe: Short'nin' Bread
Joseph Macpherson [Last appearance]
Kurt Ruhrseitz, Piano

Daniel Wolf: Iris
Lieurance: By the Waters of Minnetonka
Marion Bauer: Oriental
Harry Rowe Shelley: Love's Sorrow
Leonora Corona
Kurt Ruhrseitz, Piano

Gena Branscombe: At the Postern Gate
Kathleen Lockhart Manning: Hop-li the Rickshaw Man
Frederick Jagel
Edwin McArthur, Piano

Cadman: From the Land of the Sky Blue Water
Jacobowski: Lullaby
Mlle. Modiste: Kiss me again
Nannette Guilford [Last appearance]
Kurt Ruhrseitz, Piano

Peter Ibbetson: Act II, Scene 3, Duet
Queena Mario
Edward Johnson

Jacques Wolfe: De Glory Road
Lawrence Tibbett
Stewart Wille, Piano

Deems Taylor: Song for Lovers
Clara Edwards: The Fisher's Widow
Gladys Swarthout

New Moon: Wanting you
Grace Moore
Lawrence Tibbett


Scenery for Act I of PETER IBBETSON by Joseph Urban

Arranged for voices and Jazz Band by Nathaniel Shilkret
["Jazz Band," a presentation of the National Broadcasting Company]

Sung by the American Ensemble of the Metropolitan Opera Company
Queena Mario, Grace Moore, Gladys Swarthout, Frederick Jagel, Edward Johnson, Lawrence Tibbett, Arthur Anderson
[The seven singers sang in chorus for the songs by Stephen Foster, while members of the group took turns as soloist.]

Thomas Griselle: Nocturne; March
[Thomas Griselle was First Prize Winner of the Victor Talking Machine Co.
contest for American Composition]


O Ring de Banjo
Banjo Solo

O Lemuel
Grace Moore

Nelly Bly
American Ensemble

O Boys, Carry Me 'Long
Edward Johnson
American Ensemble

Louisiana Belle
American Ensemble

De Camptown Races
Lawrence Tibbett
American Ensemble

Foster: Old Folks at Home
Gladys Swarthout
American Ensemble

Foster: Old Black Joe
Lawrence Tibbett
Arthur Anderson

Naughty Marietta: Italian Street Song
Queena Mario
American Ensemble

Ethelbert Nevin: My Desire
Frederick Jagel

Ethelbert Nevin: Mighty Lak a Rose
Grace Moore

Show Boat: Ol' man river
Lawrence Tibbett
American Ensemble

Conductor...............Wilfred Pelletier
Organ...................Erich Riede

Photograph of Wilfred Pelletier rehearsing artists for the Easter Sunday Concert.

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