[Met Concert/Gala] CID:113350
Gatti-Casazza 25th Anniversary. Broadcast ed. Metropolitan Opera House: 02/26/1933., Broadcast


Metropolitan Opera House
February 26, 1933 Broadcast


In Celebration of the Twenty-fifth Year of the Metropolitan Opera
under the direction of GIULIO GATTI-CASAZZA


Mefistofele: Prologue
Metropolitan Opera Chorus
Giulio Setti, Conductor

Lucia di Lammermoor: Sextet
Lily Pons, Philine Falco,
Giacomo Lauri-Volpi, Armando Borgioli,Tancredi Pasero, Angelo Badà
Giuseppe Sturani, Conductor [Last appearance]

The King's Henchman: Act I Finale
Edward Johnson, Richard Bonelli,
Arthur Anderson, Max Altglass
Tullio Serafin, Conductor

Ernani: O sommo Carlo
Rosa Ponselle, Frederick Jagel, Giuseppe De Luca,
Ezio Pinza, Alfio Tedesco
Tullio Serafin, Conductor

A Few Words by Edward Johnson in tribute to Giulio Gatti-Casazza
Lucrezia Bori and an appeal for funds
Remarks by Paul D. Cravath and Marcella Sembrich

Samson et Dalila: Act I, Scene 1
Giovanni Martinelli, Louis D'Angelo
Metropolitan Opera Chorus
Louis Hasselmans, Conductor

Tannhäuser: Act II Finale
Elisabeth Rethberg,
Lauritz Melchior, Friedrich Schorr, Ludwig Hofmann,
Hans Clemens, James Wolfe, Giordano Paltrinieri, Arnold Gabor
Karl Riedel, Conductor

Falstaff: Act III Finale
Queena Mario, Editha Fleischer, Marion Telva [Last appearance], Gladys Swarthout,
Pasquale Amato [Last appearance], Richard Bonelli,
Armand Tokatyan, Angelo Badà, Giordano Paltrinieri, Adamo Didur [Last appearance]
Vincenzo Bellezza, Conductor


Sketches by Armando Agnini, Robert Armbruster, Raymond Knight, Earle R. Lewis


TRYING TO PLEASE (by Raymond Knight)

Raymond Knight, Announcer
Jack Arthur, Pickle King
Arthur Allen, Herring Sponsor
Carlo Edwards, Opera Manager

Armando Borgioli

Alfredo Gandolfi
("Alfredo Gandolfi, in the Emperor's blue and red uniform,
had groaned only twice when a telephone rang. A radio listener out in Montana disliked the Gruenberg opera and
wanted Carmen."

CARMEN: Seguidilla
Gladys Swarthout

DIE WALKÜRE: Ride of the Valkyries
Grace Divine, Leonora Corona, Rose Bampton, Pearl Besuner, Philine Falco, Doris Doe, Dorothea Flexer

IL TROVATORE: Soldier's Chorus
Frank Chapman, Louis D'Angelo, Arthur Anderson, James Wolfe

RAMONA (a radio opera) with music by Charles Grant
Ramona: Queena Mario
Don José: Richard Crooks
Wilfred Pelletier, Conductor

IT COULD HAPPEN: a mixup with too many super-directors providing quadruple casts:

FAUST: Final Trio
Marguerite: Helen Gleason, Elda Vettori, Aida Doninelli, Eidé Norena.
Faust: Frederick Jagel, Armand Tokatyan, Alfio Tedesco, Max Altglass.
Méfistophélès: Pompilio Malatesta, Léon Rothier, Paolo Ananian, Arthur Anderson
Conductor: Antonio Dell'Orefice, Pietro Cimara, Kurt Ruhrseitz, Riccardo Dellera

TEATRO DILL PICKLES (a marionette opera)
Santuzza: Dorothee Manski
Lola: Ina Bourskaya
Turiddu: Marek Windheim
Marionette pianist: Robert Armbruster

BACK STAGE: MADAMA BUTTERFLY: Love Duet viewed from backstage
Cio-cio-San: Thalia Sabanieeva
Lieutenant Pinkerton: Mario Chamlee
Conductor: Wilfred Pelletier
The entire scene was played by the singers with their backs to the audience in the opera house. Against reversed scenery cluttered with lumber and metal supports, Thalia Sabanieeva and Mario Chamlee sang the Love Duet from Madama Butterfly, while some equally plain Americans played cards in the wings and the child Trouble crooned a lullaby to its doll until grabbed up by its professional parents and thrust out to wave an American flag to the unseen audience.

[In addition to the artists noted above, Ellen Dalossy, Margaret Halstead, Ludwig Hofmann, Rudolf Laubenthal, and Karl Riedel were announced to partipate in SCENE 1.]



With Joseph Urban's Act II Paris Cabaret from La Rondine
used as a setting.

Walter Damrosch, Master of Ceremonies
Thomas Chalmers, Host
Alma Gluck, Hostess

Rita de LePorte
Mildred Schneider
Giuseppe Bonfiglio

Lucrezia Bori: La Violetera (Padilla)
Pietro Cimara, Piano

Göta Ljungberg: Swedish Folk Song
Kurt Ruhrseitz, Piano

Greta Stückgold &
Gustav Schützendorf: Moder, ich vil ein Ding han
Giuseppe Bamboschek, Piano

Carmela and Rosa Ponselle: O Sole Mio; Funiculì, Funiculà
Robert Armbruster Orchestra

Grace Moore: selection from Millöcker's The Dubarry

Lily Pons &
Lauritz Melchior: Apache Dance
Music: My Man
Robert Armbruster, Piano

Tito Schipa: Bartelemy: Pesca d'Amore (?)

Chim-Fen: Armando Agnini

The Galliettes: symbolizing a twenty-fifth birthday cake
La Gioconda: Dance of the Hours
Rosina Galli, Conductor

Marcia Reale
The Star Spangled Banner
For He's a Jolly Good Fellow
Vincenzo Bellezza, Conductor

[In addition to the artists noted above, Giuseppe Cesati and Federico Longas were announced to participate in SCENE 2.

STAGE AUDIENCE IN SCENE 2. Merle Alcock, Grace Anthony, Cecil Arden, Martha Attwood, Rose Bampton, Kitty Beale, Sophie Braslau, Vera Curtis, Margaret Fatman, Editha Fleischer, Olive Fremstad, Amelita Galli-Curci, Mabel Garrison, Alma Gluck, Frieda Hempel, Kathleen Howard, Louise Hunter, Clara Jacobo, Frida Leider, Margarete Matzenauer, Elizabeth Mayer, Mary Mellish, Lillian Moore, Nina Morgana, Maria Olszewska, Frances Peralta, Faina Petrova, Elena Rakowska, Marie Rappold, Elisabeth Rethberg, Jessie Rogge, Marcella Sembrich, Marie Sundelius, Marion Telva, Marie Tiffany, Henriette Wakefield, Phradie Wells, Florence Wickham.

Armando Agnini, Max Altglass, Paul Althouse, Pasquale Amato, Angelo Badà, Vincenzo Bellezza, Richard Bonelli, Otello Ceroni, George Cehanovsky, Hans Clemens, Fausto Cleva, Giuseppe Conca, Walter Damrosch, Giuseppe De Luca, Rafaelo Díaz, Adamo Didur, Paul Eisler, Claudio Frigerio, Arnold Gabor, Louis Gruenberg, Henry Hadley, Orville Harrold, Louis Hasselmans, Edward Johnson, Jules Judels*, Giacomo Lauri-Volpi, Lionel Mapleson, Giovanni Martinelli, Hanns Niedecken-Gebhard, Giordano Paltrinieri, Tancredi Pasero, Armando Petrucci, Millo Picco, Ezio Pinza, Alexander Sanine, Carl Schlegel, Friedrich Schorr, Antonio Scotti, Tullio Serafin, Giulio Setti, Giuseppe Sturani, Siegfried Tappolet, Deems Taylor, Frederick Vajda, Reinald Werrenrath.

STAGE MANAGER: Armando Agnini

STAGE EFFECTS: Jacob Buchter*, Philip Crispano*, Irving Herold, Fred Hosli*, Filomena Pangoni


LIBRARIAN: Lionel Mapleson*

Program committee: Vincenzo Bellezza, Chairman
Lucrezia Bori, Armando Agnini, Artur Bodanzky, Louis Hasselmans,
Earle R. Lewis, Wilfred Pelletier, Tullio Serafin, Giulio Setti, Giuseppe Sturani.

* 25 years associated with the Metropolitan Opera

Photograph of Giuseppe De Luca, Lily Pons, and Tito Schipa backstage at the Opera Surprise Party.

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