[Met Concert/Gala] CID:114870
All Request Program. Metropolitan Opera House: 02/25/1934.

Metropolitan Opera House
February 25, 1934


Mireille: Overture

La Jolie Fille de Perth: Quand la flamme de l'amour
Arthur Anderson

Cimara: Vecchia chitarra
Cimara: Spiando ai vetri
Doris Doe
Pietro Cimara, piano

Elijah: If with all your hearts
Richard Crooks

La Wally: Ebben? ne andrò lontana
Helen Gleason

Die Meistersinger von Nürnberg: Prize Song
Edward Johnson

Manon: Act I Duet
Queena Mario
Richard Crooks

The Emperor Jones: It's a me oh Lawd
Lawrence Tibbett

Part II: Favorite Songs of Yesterday and Today
Arranged for Voices and Salon Orchestra

Stephen Foster's Songs, arranged by Nathaniel Skilkret:

a. O Ring de Banjo
Banjo solo

b. O Lemuel
Helen Gleason

c. Nelly Bly
The Ensemble

d. O boys, carry me 'long
Edward Johnson and The Ensemble

e. Louisiana Belle
The Ensemble

f. De Camptown Races
The Ensemble

Way Down upon the Swanee River (arranged Skilkret)
Doris Doe and The Ensemble

Old Black Joe (arranged Skilkret)
Arthur Anderson

Traditional/Quilter/Pelletier: Drink to Me Only With Thine Eyes
Queena Mario

Edward Walt: Lassie o' Mine
Arthur Penn: Sunrise and You
Edward Johnson

Traditional: Londonderry
Traditional: Who'll Buy My Lavender
Gladys Swarthout

The Bohemian Girl: Then you'll remember me
Ammie F. Harrison: In the Gloaming
Victor Herbert: Princess Pat: Sweet one how my heart is yearning
Richard Crooks

Bayley: Long Long Ago
Rich: An American Lullaby
Rose Bampton

Herbert: Mlle. Modiste: Kiss me again
Lillian Clark

Simon: The Peanut Vendor
Tosti: Goodbye
Damrosch: Danny Deever
Lawrence Tibbett

Traditional: C'est l'aviron
Traditional: La violette doublera
Storace: The Pretty Creature
Captain Mac
The Imperial Grenadiers of Canada (Male Quartet)
Miguel Sandoval, piano

Show Boat: Ol' man river
Lawrence Tibbett
American Ensemble

Conductor...............Wilfred Pelletier

[The singers of the American Ensemble of the Metropolitan Opera Association were Leonora Corona, Helen Gleason, Queena Mario, Doris Doe, Gladys Swarthout, Richard Crooks, Edward Johnson, Lawrence Tibbett, Arthur Anderson.]

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