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Lohengrin {74} Metropolitan Opera House: 12/1/1893.


Metropolitan Opera House
December 1, 1893
In Italian
New production


Lohengrin...............Francesco Vignas
Elsa....................Lillian Nordica
Ortrud..................Olimpia Guercia
Telramund...............Jean Lassalle
King Heinrich...........Edouard de Reszke
Herald..................Antonio De Vaschetti

Conductor...............Luigi Mancinelli

Director................Armand Castelmary

Lohengrin received eleven performances in Italian this season.

Unsigned review in The New York Times


Mme. Nordica Reappears in the Role of Elsa Before a Large Audience.

Wagner's "Lohengrin" was brought forward to fill the third evening of grand opera at the Metropolitan Opera House last evening. The performance did not introduce any new members of Messrs. Abbey & Grau's company, but it enabled the admirers of Mme. Nordica to hear her in the role of Elsa, which, report says, she is to sing at Baireuth next summer. The audience was a large and very attentive one. There is no denying the absorbing power of the familiar opera. The performance in general was smooth and careful, but, no doubt, many old frequenters of the house missed the German spirit which is necessary to the vitality of the work.

Mme. Nordica was in good voice and she phrased her music with great care, but not always with the most judicious management. Her interpretation, it is no pleasure to say, was generally lacking in warmth and tenderness, though it was not without evidences of excellent intent. Mme. Olympia Guercia was the Ortrud. She sang with great earnestness and vigor, but she again displayed an unpleasant vibrato and a great facility in departing from the pitch.

The most satisfactory part of the entertainment was that furnished by M. Lassalle. His Telramund was an intelligent and vigorous piece of acting, and he sang with abundant voice and with splendid spirit. M. Edouard de Reszke's King was a dignified piece of work. He sang with his accustomed nobility of style and was heard with constant pleasure. Signor Vignas was not a satisfactory Lohengrin. He certainly did not look the part; he did not act it, and he did not sing it. Signor Vaschetti was a wooden Herald.

For some strange reason, Italian choruses appear to be wholly unable to sing their music in "Lohengrin" in tune. The chorus last night gave conspicuous examples of this inability. The orchestra did its work excellently. Signor Mancinelli showed a good acquaintance with the score, and conducted with vigor and firmness. At the matinée this afternoon "Faust" will be repeated with the cast heard in it on Monday evening. The sale of seats is very large, and it is certain that the house will be quite filled.

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