[Met Concert/Gala] CID:119140
Gala Program/ Reminiscence {4} Metropolitan Opera House: 03/15/1936.

Metropolitan Opera House
March 15, 1936


Bdeethoven: Leonore Overture No. 3

La Gioconda: O monumento
Carlo Morelli

Carmen: Quintet
Irra Petina
Thelma Votipka
Helen Olheim
Giordano Paltrinieri
George Cehanovsky

Tannhäuser: O du mein holder Abendstern
Friedrich Schorr

Madama Butterfly: Un bel dì
Queena Mario

Mignon: Berceuse
Faust: Vous qui faites l'endormie
Chase Baromeo

La Gioconda: Voce di donna
Gladys Swarthout

Martha: Act II Quartet
Josephine Antoine
Helen Olheim
Joseph Bentonelli
Virgilio Lazzari

The Bartered Bride: Overture

The Bartered Bride: Dance of the Comedians
Anatol Vilzak and the American Ballet Ensemble

Korngold: The Wedding Song
Gladys Swarthout

Manon: Ah! fuyez, douce image
Joseph Bentonelli

Debussy: L'Enfant Prodigue: Air de Lia
Florence Easton [Last appearance]

La Traviata: Act II, Scene 1 Duet
Queena Mario
Carlo Morelli

Reminiscence {4}

Entrée and Grand Adagio: Kathryn Mullowny, Charles Laskey, Ballet Ensemble
Mazurka: Rabana Hasburgh, Anatol Vilzak, Ballet Ensemble
Valse: Annia Breyman, Ballet Ensemble
Pas de Trois: William Dollar, Holly Howard, Elise Reiman
Finale: The Entire Company

Conductor...............Wilfred Pelletier

[The excerpt from Martha and the ballets were performed in costume.]

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