[Met Concert/Gala] CID:119230
Gala Program. Metropolitan Opera House: 03/22/1936.

(Debut: William Dollar (Choreographer))

Metropolitan Opera House
March 22, 1936


Iris: Hymn of the Sun
Metropolitan Opera Chorus

Pagliacci: Prologue
George Cehanovsky

Tosca: Vissi d'arte
Thelma Votipka

Lohengrin: In fernem Land
René Maison

La Favorita: O mio Fernando
Bruna Castagna

CONCERTO, Classic Ballet in One Act {1}
Chopin: Piano Concerto in F Minor

a) Maestoso: Gisella Caccialanza, Rabana Hasburgh, Kathryn Mullowny,
Yvonne Patterson, Daphne Vane, Annia Breyman [Last performance]
William Dollar, Choreographer [Debut]

b) Larghetto: Holly Howard, William Dollar, Charles Laskey
George Balanchine, Choreographer

c) Allegro Vivace: Leda Anchutina, Elise Reiman, Helen Leitch,
Lew Christensen, William Dollar, American Ballet Ensemble
William Dollar, Choreographer

Nicolas Kopeikine, Piano Soloist

Oberon: Overture

Mignon: Connais-tu le pays
Gladys Swarthout

Flégier: Le cor
Die Lustigen Weiber von Windsor: Drinking Song
Emanuel List

La Forza del Destino: Pace, pace, mio Dio!
Elisabeth Rethberg

Werther: Act I Duet (In costume)
Gladys Swarthout
René Maison

Mefistofele: Prologue
Ezio Pinza
Metropolitan Opera Chorus

Conductor...............Wilfred Pelletier
Conductor...............Pietro Cimara

[Concerto was later performed as Piano Concerto in F and as Classic Ballet]

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