[Met Concert/Gala] CID:1220
Third Grand Sunday Night Concert. Metropolitan Opera House: 11/25/1883.


Metropolitan Opera House
November 25, 1883


Wagner: Kaisermarsch

Dinorah: Ah mon remords te venge
Luigi Guadagnini

Le Prophète: Ah mon fils
Emily Lablache

Ave Maria (Bach/Gounod)
Emmy Fursch-Madi

Stabat Mater: Cujus animam
Italo Campanini

Proch: Deh torna mio bene
Ballad (Encore)
Marcella Sembrich

Mattioli: Gavotte

Ritter: La Zamacucca

Mercadante: Il Giuramento: Or la sull'onda
Carmen: Habañera (Encore)
Zelia Trebelli

Foerster: Ich liebe dich
Marcella Sembrich

Ries: Wiegenlied
Marcella Sembrich

La Forza del Destino: O tu che in seno agli angeli
Italo Campanini

Adam: Cantique de noël
Giovanni Mirabella

Rigoletto: Quartet
Emmy Fursch-Madi
Zelia Trebelli
Italo Campanini
Luigi Guadagnini

Conductor...............Auguste Vianesi
Italo Azzoni, Piano

Review in The New York Times:

The third Sunday night concert at the Metropolitan Opera House was given last evening. The audience was large and bursting with applause. There was plenty of work done which merited generous recognition, but the encore fever threatened to become annoying until a wise majority put an end to it by an emphatic hiss. The programme was an interesting and agreeable one. Sembrich sang Proch's "Air and variations," in which her brilliant vocalization was well displayed. She was heartily applauded and gave, as an encore piece, a ballad. She was heard later in the evening in "Ich Liebe Dich" and "Some Day," two melodious ballads, which she sang tastefully. Signor Campanini, who was welcomed to the footlights with great enthusiasm, sang the "Cujus Animam," from Rossini's "Stabat Mater," and "O tu che," from "La forza del destino," in his customary artistic and effective manner, moving the house to a storm of applause with each song. Mme. Trebelli gave a graceful rendering of an air from one of Mercadente's forgotten operas, and responded to a recall with the "Habañera" from "Carmen." Mme. Fursch-Madi sang Gounod's "Ave Maria" agreeably, and Mme. Lablache was heard to advantage in "Ah, mon fils,"" from "Le Prophète." Signor Guadagnini succeeded in singing two notes of the "Sei vendicata" in tune, and Signor Mirabella sang a "Noel" by Adam. The "Rigoletto" quartet was well given by Mme. Fursch-Madi, Mme. Trebelli, Signor Campanini, and Signor Del Puente. The orchestra gave an incoherent performance of Wagner's "Kaisermarch" and played effectively an easy gavotte for strings by Mattioli and Ritter's "La Zamacucca."

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