[Met Performance] CID:124180
Orfeo ed Euridice {41} Metropolitan Opera House: 12/5/1938.


Metropolitan Opera House
December 5, 1938


Orfeo...................Kerstin Thorborg
Euridice................Irene Jessner
Amore...................Marisa Morel
Happy Shade.............Marita Farell

Act I - Ceremony and Sacrificial Celebration at the tomb of Euridice
Corps de Ballet
Act II - Inferno: Dance of the Furies and Sinners
Corps de Ballet
Act III - Elysian Fields: Celestial Dance
Felia Dubrovska, Corps de Ballet
Act IV, Scene 2 - Triumphal Coronation and Pastoral Chaconne
Felia Dubrovska, Grant Mouradoff, Corps de Ballet

Conductor...............Artur Bodanzky

Review of Irving Kolodin in the Sun

Thorborg Heard Again in Gluck's "Orfeo"

The Metropolitan's noble production of Gluck's "Orfeo" began its circuit of the evening subscription series with last night's performance. In view of the pessimistic opinions of the work's appeal to the operatic public that have been expressed, it was interesting to observe a reaction that was certainly more than tepid (especially after the scene in the Elysian Fields) if it was scarcely boisterous. The good turnout of standees supplied more than their numerical share of this enthusiasm.

Much of it, of course, was directed to Kerstin Thorborg, whose intelligent and musicanly singing of the music of Orfeo was once more the principal pleasure of the performance. Her associates were again Marisa Morel (Amore), Irene Jessner (Euridice) and Marita Farell (Un' Ombra felice), performing with various degrees of competence. In retrospect the contribution of the ballet to the production is a singularly unimpressive one, the opportunities of Gluck's score providing little stimulus to the choreographer, Boris Romanoff. Artur Bodanzky conducted with evident sympathy, and the orchestra played well.

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