[Met Performance] CID:124380
Orfeo ed Euridice {43} Metropolitan Opera House: 12/21/1938.


Metropolitan Opera House
December 21, 1938


Orfeo...................Kerstin Thorborg
Euridice................Irene Jessner
Amore...................Marisa Morel
Happy Shade.............Marita Farell

Act I - Ceremony and Sacrificial Celebration at the tomb of Euridice
Corps de Ballet
Act II - Inferno: Dance of the Furies and Sinners
Corps de Ballet
Act III - Elysian Fields: Celestial Dance
Felia Dubrovska, Corps de Ballet
Act IV, Scene 2 - Triumphal Coronation and Pastoral Chaconne
Felia Dubrovska, Grant Mouradoff, Corps de Ballet

Conductor...............Artur Bodanzky

Review of Pitts Sanborn in the World-Telegram

"Orfeo" Given Once Again at the Met

Opera is Regarded as Great Artistic Credit to the House

Once more "Orfeo" held the stage of the Metropolitan Opera House last evening, and the many merits of the production must have been duly appreciated by a large number of those present. Artistically this "Orfeo" is a great credit to the house.

Nevertheless, without regard to what purists may think, some of us find the first curtain in the present Metropolitan version weak, The departure of Orpheus for Hades without a valedictory song just isn't the best of theater.

The florid air long interpolated at this point - it is now reattributed, I believe, to Gluck - and delivered, we are told, with tremendous effect by Pauline Viardot in the Paris revival of the work at the Theatre Lyrique in 1859, is too difficult for any singer but a great vocal executant.

Also some conductors think its style inappropriate. Arturo Toscanini in the Metropolitan revival of 1909 substituted the thrilling "Divinities du Styx" and it made an exciting curtain.

Under his direction this air was sung by Louise Homer and Margaret Matzenauer. Marie Delna in her two appearances at the Metropolitan sang instead an air from Gluck's "Echo et Narcisse."

Now that the Metropolitan has successfully revived "Orfeo," one hopes that the management will see its way clear to produce Gluck's "Alceste," It was proposed for last season with Gina Cigna and Rene Maison in the chief roles, but nothing resulted. Unfortunately Mme. Cigna is no longer a member of the Metropolitan company.

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