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Faust {5} Metropolitan Opera House: 12/10/1883.


Metropolitan Opera House
December 10, 1883
In Italian


Faust...................Italo Campanini
Marguerite..............Christine Nilsson
Méphistophélès..........Franco Novara
Valentin................Giuseppe Del Puente
Siebel..................Sofia Scalchi
Marthe..................Emily Lablache
Wagner..................Ludovico Contini

Conductor...............Auguste Vianesi

Review in the New York Times:


The ever pleasing "Faust" was repeated at the Metropolitan Opera house last evening before one of the largest audiences of the season. Possibly the cessation of hostilities in Irving place may have had something to do with the size of the assembly, and it is quite as likely that the attraction lay in the fact that the performance of this opera Is, taking it all in all, the most effective work which has been done by Mr. Abbey's company. Last night every singer in the cast seemed inspired, and the result was an entertainment which has certainly never been surpassed in this City. Mme. Nilsson was in perfect voice, and sang her music with the finish and effect which she can produce so well. Her jewel song was sparkling with buoyancy and spirit, while in the subsequent expressive love duets she was overflowing with tenderness, tinged with that shade of melancholy necessary to a proper portrayal of the orphaned Margherita. Her acting was full of poetic bits of by-play, which greatly enhanced the general attractiveness of her performance. Signor Campanini was in splendid voice, and his singing was a constant outpouring of fine, artistic vocalization. His "Salve dimora" was rendered in his usual exquisite manner, intensified by a more than usual amount of fervor. His softer tones were full of feeling, while his upper notes were strong and brilliant, and his high C electrified that portion of the house which cared more for "tours as force" than for such charming work as Signor Campanini continuously gave it. In the "Dami ancor" he and Mme. Nilsson held the audience breathless, and no greater tribute could have been paid them than the unbroken silence with which they were heard until the fall of the curtain, when long and loud applause broke forth. Signor Del Puente gave his customary excellent performance of Valentino, and Mme. Scalchi was the same finished representative of Siebel that she has always been. Signor Novara was better as Mephistopheles than he has hitherto been, and Mlle. Lablache was a delightful Marta. Signor Contini was a good Wagner. The chorus was effective in all its work, and the orchestra, under Signor Vianesi treated the rich instrumentation in a sympathetic manner.

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