[Met Concert/Gala] CID:15550
First Grand Sunday Night Concert. Metropolitan Opera House: 11/24/1895.

Metropolitan Opera House
November 24, 1895


Liszt: Grand Polonaise

Mascagni: Guglielmo Ratcliff: Prelude

Don Carlo: Elle ne m'aime pas
Sullivan: The Lost Chord (Encore)
Pol Plançon

Mendelssohn: Violin Concerto in E Minor: Andante and Finale
Wieniawsky: Legende in G Minor (Encore)
Franz Ondrícek, violin

Massenet: La Navarraise: Nocturne

Tannhäuser: Elizabeth's Prayer
Tosti: Good Bye (Encore)
Frances Saville

Wagner/Svendsen: Traume

Adam: Le Châlet: Arrêtons-nous ici
Schumann: Les Deux Grenadiers (Encore)
Pol Plançon

Mayr/Paganini: Le Strege
Franz Ondrícek, violin

Dvorák: Carnival Overture

Conductor...............Anton Seidl

Piano...................Amherst Webber

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