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Faust {94} Metropolitan Opera House: 01/10/1896.


Metropolitan Opera House
January 10, 1896

FAUST {94}

Faust...................Jean de Reszke
Marguerite..............Nellie Melba
Méphistophélès..........Edouard de Reszke
Valentin................Victor Maurel
Siebel..................Sofia Scalchi
Marthe..................Mathilde Bauermeister
Wagner..................Lodovico Viviani

Conductor...............Enrico Bevignani

Review of W. J. Henderson in The New York Times

Another Large Audience Cheers Melba, the De Reszke Brothers and Maurel at the Metropolitan Opera House

With Melba, Jean and Edouard de Reszke, Maurel, Bauermeister and Scalchi in the cast, it was a foregone conclusion that "Faust" would draw an immense audience last night in the Metropolitan Opera House. The performance was of such excellence as to fully merit the lavish bestowal of favors by the auditors, although the enthusiasm was held in reserve until the Garden Scene. But from that time on the usual tumult following Melba's arias and those of Jean Reszke held sway and, amid a volley of flowers and plaudits, Melba and the De Reszke brothers were called before the curtain repeatedly.

Melba not only sang charmingly, but she looked beautiful. She wore a gown recently imported from Paris. It captivated the ladies at first sight. The heavy brocaded velvet bodice and the accordion-plaited skirt of the same color were pronounced by her female admirer " a perfect symphony in orange."

Jean de Reszke's Faust is too renowned for its excellence to require more than the statement that he was in good voice and that his vocal and dramatic efforts were of the very highest artistic order. That such a Faust and Marguerite should enrapture an audience of the highest musical intelligence is obvious, for nowhere else, than at the Metropolitan Opera House, can such a pair in these roles he found at the present time.

Edouard de Reszke was also in excellent form, and Maurel has not been in such good voice for some time. The death scene was so effective that it brought four curtain calls. The result was a magnificent performance in all particulars. and the grand climax in the last act was received with cheers. Scalchi did creditable work and deserved the abundant plaudits with which she was rewarded. Orchestra and chorus were both fine throughout.

At the matinee to-day Calve will be heard in " The Pearl Fishers " for the first time, in connection with her impersonation of the girl of Navarre, in Massenet's " La Navarraise." "Aida." with Nordica in the titular role, will be presented to-night.

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