[Met Concert/Gala] CID:202530
Music of America. New York, Manhattan, Lewisohn Stadium: 07/3/1965.

New York, Manhattan, Lewisohn Stadium
July 3, 1965


Gould: When Johnny Comes Marching Home

Copland: Outdoor Overture

Four Spirituals:
I Been in de Storm So Long
Le's Have a Union
Oh Glory
Ain't Got Time to Die
Go Down, Moses [Encore, sung twice]
Marian Anderson

Copland: A Lincoln Portrait
Marian Anderson [Last appearance]

The Star Spangled Banner
United States Military Academy Band
Metropolitan Opera Orchestra                           

MacDowell: Piano Concerto #2, D Minor
Joela Jones, piano [Only appearance]                     
[Partial performance; rain forced cancellation soon after the Concerto began.]

Conductor...............Arthur Fiedler [Only appearance]

Metropolitan Opera Orchestra

[A performance of H. Owen Reed's Fiesta Mexicana by the United States Military Academy Band under W. H. Schempf, Conductor, was cancelled by rain.]

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