[Met Concert/Gala] CID:23080
Third Grand Sunday Night Concert. Metropolitan Opera House: 01/7/1900.


Metropolitan Opera House
January 7, 1900


Euryanthe: Overture

Beethoven: An die Hoffnung
Anton Van Rooy

Gounod: Sapho: Ô ma lyre immortelle
Eugenia Mantelli

Tannhäuser: Blick' ich umher (sung as Lotta dei bardi)
Antonio Scotti

Dich teure Halle
Lillian Nordica

Hänsel und Gretel: Dream Pantomime

Rubinstein: Valse Caprice

Haydn: Quartet in G Major: Kaiser Variations

Goldmark: Das Heimchen am Herd: Intermezzo

Pagliacci: Prologue
Antonio Scotti

Lillian Nordica

Schubert: Der Wanderer
Ludwig Erk: Das Mühlrad
Reimann: Phillis und die Mutter
Anton Van Rooy

Les Huguenots: Nobles seigneurs
Eugenia Mantelli

Strauss: On the Beautiful Blue Danube

Conductor...............Emil Paur

Unsigned review in the Brooklyn Eagle

The Sunday evening concert at the Metropolitan was chiefly attractive because of Nordica's advertised appearance. She is a not unfamiliar and an always welcome figure on the platform on such occasions, and the size and enthusiasm of last night's audience were largely due to her presence. In the first half of the programme she gave "Dich Theure Halle," from Tannhäuser, and followed with "The Smallest Flower that Blows," always one of her favorite encore numbers. Her contributions later in the evening included a group of short songs, some in German and some in English, and all sung with her own peculiar skill and with frequent touches of her remarkable dramatic powers. Next to Nordica the most popular feature of the programme was Herr Van Rooy's Lieder singing. Among other numbers he gave "Der Wanderer" by Schubert; "Das Mührad" by Erk, and Reimann's "Phyllis and Die Mutter." In the last of these he catches the popular fancy just as readily as does Bispham with his rollicking lay of young Richard and his courting. The other soloists were Signor Scotti and Mme. Mantelli, both of whom received the usual tribute given by Sunday night audiences, which as a rule are built on the Oliver Twist order. The orchestral numbers were fortunately chosen and finely presented, under the leadership of Emil Paur.

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