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Grand Gala Concert for American Hospital Ship "Maine". Metropolitan Opera House: 03/22/1900.


Metropolitan Opera House
March 22, 1900

In the aid of the American Hospital Ship "Maine"
and the American and British Red Cross Societies

Dinorah: Overture
Metropolitan Opera Orchestra and Chorus

Donizetti: Gianni di Calais: Barcarolle
Giuseppe Campanari

Mendelssohn: Le zéphir
Sebastián de Yradier: Jota de los toreros
Emma Calvé
Clémentine De Vere

Stabat Mater: Inflammatus
Lillian Nordica
Metropolitan Opera Chorus

I Vespri Siciliani: Bolero
Emma Eames

Don Giovanni: Là ci darem la mano
Zélie de Lussan
Antonio Scotti

Tchaikovsky: Don Juan's Serenade
Edouard de Reszke

Leo Stern: Printemps
Suzanne Adams

Jean-Baptiste Faure: Le Crucifix
Emma Eames
Pol Plançon

Rienzi: Overture

Old Irish melodies:
Emer's Farewell to Cucullain; Battle Hymn
Arranged and Orchestrated by C. Villiers Stanford
Marie Brema

La Damnation de Faust: Devant la maison
Pol Plançon

The Star Spangled Banner
God Save the Queen
Lillian Nordica
Metropolitan Opera Chorus

Le Prophète: Coronation March

Conductor...............Luigi Mancinelli
Piano...................Hans Morgenstern
Piano...................Carl Müller [Last appearance]

It is unclear which selections had piano accompaniment.

[Program Note: "Mmes. Sembrich and Schumann-Heink and Mm. Van Dyck and Bertram have notified the management they will be unable to sing this evening, owing to indisposition."]

Review (unsigned) in The New York Times


As a result of the concert tendered by some of the singers of the Maurice Grau Opera Company last evening at the Metropolitan Opera house for the benefit of the American hospital ship "Maine" and the American and British Red Cross Societies about $12,000 was added to the fund. The house was decorated with the American and British national emblems, and the Red Cross flag, interspersed with evergreens and American Beauty roses. The stage was set with the forest scene from 'Falstaff."

The house was crowded almost to its capacity. Meyerbeer's overture "Dinorah" was given by the orchestra and chorus under the direction of Sig. Mancinelli, Sig. Campanari sang Donizetti's "Barcarolle," Mlle. Calvé and Mme. Clementine De Vere were heard in Mendelssohn's "Le Zéphir" and "Jota De Los Tereros," Mme. Nordica, assisted by the chorus, gave Rossini's "Inflammatus," from the "Stabat Mater"' Mme. Emma Eames sang Verdi's aria "Sicilian Vespers," and Mlle. Zelie De Lussan and Sig. Scotti sang the duet "La Ci Darem' from "Don Giovanni." Edouard De Reszke sang Tchaikovsky's "La Serenade de Don Juan." Mme. Suzanne Adams was heard in her husband's composition, "Printemps;" Mme. Eames and M. Plançon sang the duet "Le Crucifix," by Faure, and Miss Maria Brema sang several old Irish melodies. The entire audience then arose, while Mme. Nordica, assisted by the chorus, first sang "The Star Spangled Banner," followed by "God Save the Queen."

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