[Met Concert/Gala] CID:34620
Eighth Grand Sunday Night Concert. Metropolitan Opera House: 01/15/1905.

Metropolitan Opera House
January 15, 1905


Hérold: Zampa: Overture

Carmen: Toreador Song
Miersch: Rauschlied
Otto Goritz

Faust: Jewel Song
Aïno Ackté

Don Carlo: O don fatale
Olive Fremstad

Thomas: Le Caïd: Air du tambour major
Pol Plançon

Herbert: Yesterthoughts

Herbert: Badinage

Chopin: Piano Concerto in E Minor
Master David Saperstein, Piano
[His first appearance in public.]

David: La Perle du Brésil: Charmant oiseau
Bella Alten

Hallén Swedish Rhapsody
Xaver Reiter, French horn

Massenet: Pensée d'automne
Aïno Ackté

Saint-Saëns: Coronation March

Conductor...............Nahan Franko

[The New Grove Dictionary of Music and Musicians credits the Stockholm-born composer Hallén with a Swedish Rhapsody, not a Norwegian Rhapsody, the title published in the program for this concert.]

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