[Met Performance] CID:54543
Adeline Genée Presentation. Matinee ed. Metropolitan Opera House: 12/17/1912.

(Debuts: Miss Mortimer, Miss Pruzina)

Metropolitan Opera House
December 17, 1912 Matinee


The Merry Wives of Windsor: Overture
Nahan Franko, Conductor

LA DANSE: An Authentic Record by Mlle. Adeline Genée of
Dancing and Dancers between the years 1710 and 1845
(Music compiled and arranged by Dora Bright)

Prelude: Old Pavane and Passacaille (J.F. Rebel)

Tableau I: Passepied of Lully Dances
Triomphe de l'Amour: Passepied (J.B. Lully)
Le Menage de Mohere: Chaconne (J.B. Lully)
Adelina Genée
Rameau's Rigaudon: Paraphrase (Dora Bright)
Corps de Ballet

Tableau II: Mlle de Camargo Dances
Gavotte in F (Padre Martini)
Rigaudon (J.P. Rameau)
Adelina Genée, Alexandre Volinin
Corellis Chaconne with Variations (Dora Bright)
Corps de Ballet

Tableau III: Jean Baptiste Lully
Tambourin and Musette (J.P. Rameau)
Colinette (Gretry)
Adeline Genée
Old Breton Air for Strings
Don Giovanni: Serenade (Mozart)
Orchestra only

Tableau IV
Les Petits Riens: Pas de Trois (Mozart)
Adeline Genée, Alexandre Volinin, Alina Schmolz [Last performance]
Minuet in A (Boccherini)
Corps de Ballet
Paris and Helen: Gavotte in G (Gluck)

Tableau V: La Valse
Fantasie on Waltz Themes (Strauss)
Promotionen Waltz (Strauss)
Adeline Genée, Alexandre Volinin
Who is Sylvia (Strauss)
Das Fischermädchen (Meyerbeer)
Du Bist Wie Eine Blume (Schumann)
Lieder Ohne Worte (Mendelssohn)
Miss Peters [Last performance], Miss Mortimer [Debut and Only performance],
Miss Pruzina [Debut and Only performance]

Tableau VI: Dances
Mazurka (Chopin)
Valse (Chopin)
Adeline Genée

Tableau VII: Pas de Quatre
Coppélia: Ballade (Delibes)

Conductor...............Casper Glaser

La Gioconda: Dance of the Hours

Moskowski: Laurin: Bacchanale

Conductor...............Nahan Franko

Robert le Diable: Divertissement {2}
Helena..................Adeline Genée
Robert..................Alexandre Volinine
Bertram.................Henry Miller [Last performance]
Casper Glaser, Conductor

Weber: Invitation to the Dance (Instrumentation by Weingartner)
Nahan Franko, Conductor

Hauser: Adagio {2}
Alina Schmolz, Alexandre Volinine

Chopin: Mazurka {2}
Alexandre Volinine

Steinke: Butterflies {2}
Alina Schmolz

Le Millions d'Arlequin: Polka Comique {2}
Adeline Genée, Alexandre Volinine

Conductor...............Casper Glaser

Ferrars D. Tows: Daisy Waltz
Nahan Franko, Conductor [Last appearance]

Ferrars D. Tows: Eldora: Waltz {2}
Adeline Genée
Casper Glaser, Conductor

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