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La Juive {12} Matinee ed. Metropolitan Opera House: 12/17/1887.


Metropolitan Opera House
December 17, 1887 Matinee
In German


Rachel..................Lilli Lehmann
Eléazar.................Albert Niemann
Princess Eudoxie........Minnie Dilthey
Prince Léopold..........Max Alvary
Cardinal de Brogni......Emil Fischer
Ruggiero................Rudolph Von Milde
Albert..................Jean Doré
Dance...................Theodora De Gillert

Conductor...............Walter Damrosch

Unsigned review in The New York Times


A vigorous performance of Halévy's "La Juive" was given at the Metropolitan Opera House yesterday afternoon. Herr Niemann was in unusually good voice, and sang with a tone that is not always at his command. Fräulein Lehmann and Herr Alvary repeated their good work us Recha and Leopold, while Herren Fischer and Von Milde were again heard with pleasure as the Cardinal and Ruggiero. Particular attention has been paid to the pageantry of the opera, and the procession in the first act and the subsequent ballet are extremely agreeable to the eye. The season at the Metropolitan has thus far been one of great industry and generally of good results. Twelve operas have been produced, of which "Siegfried,"" the most beautiful and intellectual of all, has made the profoundest impression. On the other hand, Nessler's "Der Trompeter von Säkkingen," a light and tuneful work, with no purpose beyond that of amusement and no claims to a high place in art, but which a few years ago would have been hailed with pleasure by lovers of simple melody, has not met with striking success. The Wagner music-dramas have received the largest amount of attention from the patrons of the opera, and it cannot be denied that this indicates a growth of serious musical taste in the metropolis. Later in the season this taste will be gratified by the production of Wagner's "Die Götterdämmerung" the final drama of the Niebelungen series. The prologue, "Das Rheingold," will not be introduced till next season; but before the close of the current season the trilogy exclusive of this work will be performed in its order. As each of the operas of the trilogy is a chapter in a great story, the presentation of them in their proper sequence will for the first time reveal to the music lovers of this city the scope of Wagner's crowning labor. In the meantime the director of the opera house has other novelties in store for the public. "The Trompeter" will he given tomorrow evening and at the Saturday matinée. and "Tannhäuser" on Wednesday night. On Friday Weber's "Euryanthe" will be produced. Later on either "Aida" or "The Huguenots" will be done. Spontini's "Ferdinand Cortez," a strong dramatic opera, with abundant opportunities for spectacular brilliancy, will also be brought forward. Mr. Stanton hopes to eclipse the splendors of "The Queen of Sheba" in this production.

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