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Lucia di Lammermoor {93} Metropolitan Opera House: 01/25/1919.


Metropolitan Opera House
January 25, 1919


Lucia...................Mabel Garrison
Edgardo.................Giovanni Martinelli
Enrico..................Giuseppe De Luca
Raimondo................Léon Rothier
Normanno................Giordano Paltrinieri
Alisa...................Minnie Egener
Arturo..................Angelo Badà

Conductor...............Gennaro Papi

Director................Richard Ordynski

Lucia di Lammermoor received one performance this season.

Review of James Gibbons Huneker in The New York Times

Donizetti's "Lucia di Lammermoor" was sung for the first time this season at the Metropolitan Opera House last night, and Mabel Garrison made her debut in the title rôle. There was artistic singing throughout for Martinelli was the Edgardo, De Luca the Ashton. Miss Garrison was nervous in her first scene though it was temporary; the huge audience in its desire to testify to its admiration almost spoiled the climax of her aria. However, this charming girl with the lovely voice took on courage and when her great scene "a faire" arrived she did not disappoint us. The Mad scene - thought it is the sanest music ever written for a soprano larynx and an intelligent flute - was beautifully sung. A legato like velvet, a crystalline staccato, trills, leaps, rapid runs, variations in chiaroscuro - the entire battery of a skilled coloratura singer was utilized while the musical quality and dramatic vraisemblance were never absent. Miss Garrison was applauded by one of the big houses of the season. Her success was a brilliant one.

Mr. Martinelli was in splendid vocal condition, and he acted with great fire. The sextet went well, but was not repeated despite the enthusiastic demand for it. De Luca, the artist ever, was in voice and his dramatic assumption appreciated. Leon Rothier, Minnie Egener, Bada, Patrinieri completed the cast. Signor Papi conducted. The chorus was capital. There is enough melody in one act of "Lucia" to float an entire opera such as "La Reine Fiammette." And what bully old tunes they are.

Review of W. J. Henderson in the Sun


"L'Elisir d'Amore," with Mme. Hempel, Mr. Caruso and Mr. Scotti as the principals, was sung before a great audience at the Metropolitan Opera House yesterday afternoon. In the evening when "Lucia di Lammermoor" was given the auditorium was packed and hundreds were turned away. The performance acquired special interest from the appearance of Mabel Garrison as Lucia. The young American soprano, who had not before undertaken so exacting a role, had a genuine success with the audience and she thoroughly deserved it.

Miss Garrison's beautiful singing in the Mozart one act opera and recently in "Le Coq d'Or" commanded high praise and she has also won an enviable position on the concert stage. Her voice is one of light character and moderate power, but its limpid quality and the admirable smoothness of her delivery of her tones are a constant delight.

She was very nervous at the outset last evening, but soon recovered her composure. After that her singing was marked by liquid flow of tone, elasticity of nuance, elegance of phrasing and skill of a very high order in the florid passages. Musical quality and good taste informed her art and withal there was the essential note of tenderness which made her Lucia winning. The technical excellence and finish of Miss Garrison's singing were of the highest order, and in the mad scene she aroused great enthusiasm.

Mr. Martinelli as Edgardo and Mr. de Luca as Enrico were the other principals. Mr. Papi conducted.

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