[Met Concert/Gala] CID:77220
Fourteenth Sunday Night Concert. Metropolitan Opera House: 02/20/1921.

Metropolitan Opera House
February 20, 1921


Beethoven: Leonore Overture No. 3

David: La Perle du Brésil: Charmant oiseau
Kitty Beale [Last appearance]

Hamlet: Brindisi
Pasquale Amato

Tosca: Vissi d'arte
Florence Easton

Wieniawski: Violin Concerto in D Minor
Albert Spalding, violin

Liszt: Les Préludes

Il Barbiere di Siviglia: Largo al factotum
Pasquale Amato

Rummel: Twilight
Carpenter: The Sleep That Flits on Baby's Eyes
Rodenback: Scarecrow
Stickles: Who Knows
Hausman: The Look
Florence Easton
Lester Hodjes, piano

Spalding: Alabama (Plantation Melody and Dance)
Spalding: From the Cottonfields
Brahms/Hockstein: Waltz
Sarasate: Zapateado
Albert Spalding, violin
André Benoist, piano

Liadov: Danse de l'Amazone (Liadov)

Conductor...............Richard Hageman

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