[Met Concert/Gala] CID:88080
First Sunday Night Concert. Metropolitan Opera House: 11/9/1924.

Metropolitan Opera House
November 9, 1924

Italian Night

I Vespri Siciliani: Overture

La Forza del Destino: Act II, Scene 2
Frances Peralta
José Mardones
Pompilio Malatesta
Metropolitan Opera Chorus

Cavalleria Rusticana: Easter Hymn
Marcella Röseler
Metropolitan Opera Chorus

William Tell: Overture

Madama Butterfly: Love Duet
Ellen Dalossy
Mario Chamlee

Iris: Hymn of the Sun
Metropolitan Opera Chorus

Mefistofele: Prologue
José Mardones
Metropolitan Opera Chorus

Conductor...............Giuseppe Bamboschek

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