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Norma {14} Metropolitan Opera House: 01/27/1928.


Metropolitan Opera House
January 27, 1928

NORMA {14}

Norma...................Rosa Ponselle
Pollione................Giacomo Lauri-Volpi
Adalgisa................Marion Telva
Oroveso.................Ezio Pinza
Flavio..................Giordano Paltrinieri
Clotilde................Minnie Egener

Conductor...............Tullio Serafin

Review of W. J. Henderson in the New York Sun

Two performances were given at the Metropolitan Opera House yesterday, and the public parted with a prodigious mass of dollars. In the afternoon there was a special performance of "Carmen" for the benefit of the Babies Hospital, with prices double those charged to subscribers. The total amount received was in round figures $26,000. Mme. Jeritza was, of course, the Carmen, but an extra delight was provided in the assumption of the role of Micaela by Miss Bori. The representation evoked not only much money but plenty of applause.

In the evening Bellini's "Norma" had its final song of the present season. That it will be retained in the repertory next winter is certain. The old opera has taken on a new lease of life. This may be regarded as due to the fact that there are still many mature opera goers whose pleasure consists in listening to the melodies of long ago and who get very little delight from the declamatory creations of contemporaneous composers.

It is due also to the revitalizing of the work through Miss Rosa Ponselle's admirable impersonation of the faithless priestess. She made her farewell bow for the season last evening, and the audience informed her in no uncertain manner of the esteem in which she is held. Miss Ponselle's Norma will live in the traditions of the Metropolitan. It is one of the grand figures of that stage, a heroine drawn in noble outlines and rich in emotional color.

In this role Miss Ponselle has consistently done much of the best singing of her career. Her beautiful voice has proved to be well fitted to the music, and she has demonstrated that in this day it is still possible for a young artist to assimilate the grand style. Although Miss Ponselle will not be heard again with the company while it is here, she will sing with it in other places.

The cast of "Norma" last evening was that associated with the previous performances. The work as a whole was laudably presented. The revival of Bellini's masterpiece will go on record as one of the most successful of Mr. Gatti-Casazza's probings into the treasury of the past.

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