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[Met Performance] CID:186430
New production
Alceste {11}
Metropolitan Opera House; 12/6/1960
Debuts: Eileen Farrell, Wally Adams, Pina Bausch, Jeremy Blanton, Michael Manuel
[Met Performance] CID:186550
Alceste {12}
Metropolitan Opera House; 12/17/1960
[Met Performance] CID:186670
Alceste {13}
Metropolitan Opera House; 12/30/1960
[Met Performance] CID:186730
Alceste {14}
Metropolitan Opera House; 01/5/1961
[Met Performance] CID:186790
Alceste {15}
Metropolitan Opera House; 01/11/1961
Debut: Richard Zelens
[Met Performance] CID:186990
Alceste {16}
Metropolitan Opera House; 01/30/1961
[Met Performance] CID:187080
Alceste {17}
American Academy of Music, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; 02/7/1961
Debut: Joan Wilder
[Met Performance] CID:187120
Alceste {18}
Metropolitan Opera House; 02/11/1961
[Met Performance] CID:187250
New production
Turandot {28}
Metropolitan Opera House; 02/24/1961
Debuts: Leopold Stokowski, Edilio Ferraro, Thomas Russell, Robert Bishop, Howard Sayette
[Met Performance] CID:187350
Turandot {29}
Metropolitan Opera House; 03/4/1961
[Met Performance] CID:187400
Turandot {30}
Metropolitan Opera House; 03/9/1961
[Met Performance] CID:187440
Turandot {31}
Metropolitan Opera House; 03/13/1961
[Met Performance] CID:187520
Turandot {32}
American Academy of Music, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; 03/21/1961
[Met Performance] CID:187570
Turandot {33}
Metropolitan Opera House; 03/24/1961
[Met Performance] CID:187630
Turandot {34}
Metropolitan Opera House; 03/29/1961
[Met Performance] CID:187760
Turandot {35}
Metropolitan Opera House; 04/8/1961
[Met Performance] CID:187780
Turandot {36}
Metropolitan Opera House; 04/11/1961
[Met Performance] CID:187870
Turandot {37}
Metropolitan Theater, Boston, Massachusetts; 04/19/1961
[Met Performance] CID:187950
Turandot {38}
Public Auditorium, Cleveland, Ohio; 04/26/1961
[Met Performance] CID:188010
Turandot {39}
Fox Theater, Atlanta, Georgia; 05/1/1961
[Met Performance] CID:188140
Turandot {40}
McCormick Center, Chicago, Illinois; 05/13/1961
[Met Performance] CID:188180
Turandot {41}
Northrop Auditorium, Minneapolis, Minnesota; 05/17/1961
[Met Performance] CID:188240
Turandot {42}
Masonic Temple, Detroit, Michigan; 05/22/1961
[Met Performance] CID:188280
Aida {651}
Masonic Temple, Detroit, Michigan; 05/26/1961
[Met Performance] CID:188320
Turandot {43}
O'Keefe Center, Toronto, Canada; 05/30/1961

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