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[Met Performance] CID:68550
World Premiere (The Robin Woman: Shanewis)
World Premiere (The Dance in Place Congo)
The Robin Woman: Shanewis {1} The Dance in Place Congo {1} L'Oracolo {14}
Metropolitan Opera House; 03/23/1918
Debuts: Angela Gorman, Norman Bel Geddes, Ottokar Bartik, Giuseppe Bamboschek (Stage Debut)
[Met Performance] CID:71440
World Premiere (The Legend) World Premiere (The Temple Dancer)
The Legend {1}
The Temple Dancer {1}
The Robin Woman: Shanewis {6}

Metropolitan Opera House; 03/12/1919
Debut: Florence Glover
[Met Performance] CID:73910
World Premiere (Cleopatra's Night)
Cleopatra's Night {1} Pagliacci {198}
Metropolitan Opera House; 01/31/1920
[Met Performance] CID:76820
Cleopatra's Night {7} Le Coq d'Or {24}
Metropolitan Opera House; 01/20/1921
Debuts: Grace Gibbons, Marie Harding

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