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[Met Performance] CID:39530
La Bohème {47}
Chicago, Illinois; 04/12/1907
Debut: Gina Ciaparelli
[Met Performance] CID:39620
La Bohème {48}
St. Louis, Missouri; 04/19/1907
[Met Performance] CID:39660
La Bohème {50}
Omaha, Nebraska; 04/22/1907
[Met Performance] CID:39690
La Bohème {51}
The Auditorium, St. Paul, Minnesota; 04/24/1907
[Met Performance] CID:41850
La Bohème {63}
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; 04/28/1908
[Met Performance] CID:45980
La Bohème {78}
Metropolitan Opera House; 01/4/1910
[Met Performance] CID:48310
La Bohème {91}
Chicago, Illinois; 04/29/1910

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