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[Met Performance] CID:27510
Carmen {143}
Montreal Canada; 10/8/1901
Debut: Maurice Declery
[Met Performance] CID:27520
Faust {187}
Montreal Canada; 10/9/1901
Debut: Etienne Gibert
[Met Performance] CID:27530
Manon {14}
Montreal Canada; 10/10/1901
[Met Performance] CID:27570
Roméo et Juliette {82}
Toronto, Canada; 10/12/1901
Debut: Camille Seygard, Andrés De Segurola
[Met Performance] CID:27590
Manon {15}
Rochester, New York; 10/14/1901
Lowest box office receipts in Met history.
[Met Performance] CID:27660
Manon {16}
Buffalo, New York; 10/19/1901
[Met Performance] CID:27730
Manon {17}
Auditorium Theatre, Memphis, Tennessee; 10/26/1901
[Met Performance] CID:27760
Roméo et Juliette {83}
Grand Opera House, Atlanta, Georgia; 10/29/1901
[Met Performance] CID:27810
Manon {18}
New Orleans, Louisiana; 11/2/1901
[Met Performance] CID:27830
Faust {190}
New Orleans, Louisiana; 11/3/1901
[Met Performance] CID:27970
Roméo et Juliette {84}
San Francisco, California; 11/18/1901
[Met Performance] CID:27990
Carmen {151}
San Francisco, California; 11/20/1901
[Met Performance] CID:28010
Carmen {152}
San Francisco, California; 11/22/1901
[Met Performance] CID:28070
Don Pasquale {6}
Pagliacci {21}

San Francisco, California; 11/27/1901
[Met Performance] CID:28110
Carmen {153}
San Francisco, California; 11/30/1901
[Met Performance] CID:28140
La Bohème {17}
Cavalleria Rusticana {67}

San Francisco, California; 12/2/1901
[Met Performance] CID:28160
Carmen {154}
San Francisco, California; 12/4/1901
[Met Performance] CID:28190
Roméo et Juliette {85}
Kansas City, Missouri; 12/9/1901
[Met Performance] CID:28220
Roméo et Juliette {86}
St. Louis, Missouri; 12/11/1901
[Met Performance] CID:28280
Roméo et Juliette {87}
Cincinnati, Ohio; 12/17/1901
[Met Performance] CID:28300
Manon {20}
Cincinnati, Ohio; 12/18/1901
[Met Performance] CID:28360
In Concert
Pagliacci {22}
New York, Manhattan, Freundschaft Club; 12/24/1901
[Met Performance] CID:28400
Roméo et Juliette {89}
Metropolitan Opera House; 12/28/1901
[Met Performance] CID:28430
Carmen {155}
Metropolitan Opera House; 12/30/1901
[Met Performance] CID:28440
Roméo et Juliette {90}
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; 12/31/1901
[Met Performance] CID:28460
Carmen {156}
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; 01/2/1902
[Met Performance] CID:28480
Faust {196}
Metropolitan Opera House; 01/4/1902
[Met Performance] CID:28490
La Traviata {36}
Metropolitan Opera House; 01/4/1902
[Met Performance] CID:28550
Carmen {157}
Metropolitan Opera House; 01/10/1902
[Met Performance] CID:28650
Pagliacci {23}
Cavalleria Rusticana {69}

Metropolitan Opera House; 01/18/1902
[Met Performance] CID:28680
Pagliacci {24}
La Fille du Régiment {2}

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; 01/21/1902
[Met Performance] CID:28690
United States Premiere
Messaline {1}
Metropolitan Opera House; 01/22/1902
Debuts: Helen Mapleson, Juliette Roslyn, Ernesto Giaccone
[Met Performance] CID:28720
Messaline {2}
Metropolitan Opera House; 01/25/1902
[Met Performance] CID:28810
Carmen {158}
Metropolitan Opera House; 02/1/1902
[Met Performance] CID:28850
Messaline {3}
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; 02/4/1902
[Met Performance] CID:28880
Messaline {4}
Metropolitan Opera House; 02/7/1902
[Met Performance] CID:28900
Roméo et Juliette {91}
Metropolitan Opera House; 02/8/1902
[Met Performance] CID:28940
Carmen {159}
Metropolitan Opera House; 02/12/1902
[Met Performance] CID:29030
Carmen {160}
Metropolitan Opera House; 02/20/1902
[Met Performance] CID:29100
Les Huguenots {101}
Metropolitan Opera House; 02/24/1902
Debut: Estelle Liebling
[Met Concert/Gala] CID:29110
Gala Performance of Grand Opera
in honor of His Royal Highness Prince Henry of Prussia

Metropolitan Opera House; 02/25/1902
[Met Performance] CID:29120
Carmen {161}
Metropolitan Opera House; 02/26/1902
[Met Performance] CID:29170
Les Huguenots {102}
Metropolitan Opera House; 03/1/1902
[Met Performance] CID:29270
Carmen {162}
Metropolitan Opera House; 03/8/1902
[Met Performance] CID:29320
Carmen {163}
Boston, Massachusetts; 03/12/1902
[Met Performance] CID:29410
Les Huguenots {103}
Boston, Massachusetts; 03/19/1902
[Met Performance] CID:29450
Cavalleria Rusticana {72}
Pagliacci {25}

Boston, Massachusetts; 03/22/1902
[Met Performance] CID:29510
Carmen {165}
Chicago, Illinois; 04/2/1902
[Met Performance] CID:29630
Pagliacci {26}
Cavalleria Rusticana {73}

Chicago, Illinois; 04/12/1902
[Met Performance] CID:29680
Carmen {167}
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; 04/16/1902
[Met Performance] CID:29710
Carmen {168}
Music Hall, Baltimore, Maryland; 04/18/1902
[Met Concert/Gala] CID:29740
Farewell Performance of Grand Opera
Metropolitan Opera House; 04/21/1902
[Met Performance] CID:29750
Carmen {169}
Academy of Music, New York, Brooklyn; 4/22/1902
[Met Performance] CID:30050
Carmen {170}
Metropolitan Opera House; 11/29/1902
[Met Performance] CID:30160
Le Prophète {43}
Metropolitan Opera House; 12/10/1902
[Met Performance] CID:30230
Le Prophète {44}
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; 12/16/1902
[Met Performance] CID:30270
Le Prophète {45}
Metropolitan Opera House; 12/20/1902
[Met Performance] CID:30310
Carmen {171}
Metropolitan Opera House; 12/24/1902
[Met Performance] CID:30440
La Fille du Régiment {6}
Pagliacci {27}

Metropolitan Opera House; 01/5/1903
[Met Performance] CID:30520
Roméo et Juliette {92}
Metropolitan Opera House; 01/12/1903
[Met Performance] CID:30550
La Fille du Régiment {7}
Pagliacci {28}

Metropolitan Opera House; 01/15/1903
[Met Performance] CID:30730
Pagliacci {29}
La Fille du Régiment {8}

Metropolitan Opera House; 01/30/1903
[Met Performance] CID:30740
Roméo et Juliette {93}
Metropolitan Opera House; 01/31/1903
[Met Performance] CID:30820
La Fille du Régiment {9}
Pagliacci {30}

Metropolitan Opera House; 02/7/1903
[Met Performance] CID:30940
La Fille du Régiment {10}
Pagliacci {31}

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; 02/17/1903
[Met Performance] CID:31060
Le Prophète {46}
Metropolitan Opera House; 02/28/1903
[Met Performance] CID:31090
Il Barbiere di Siviglia Act II {50}
Pagliacci {32}

Metropolitan Opera House; 03/2/1903
[Met Performance] CID:31140
Carmen {172}
Metropolitan Opera House; 03/7/1903
[Met Performance] CID:31200
Le Prophète {47}
Metropolitan Opera House; 03/13/1903
[Met Performance] CID:31220
La Fille du Régiment {11}
Pagliacci {33}

Metropolitan Opera House; 03/14/1903
[Met Performance] CID:31270
Le Prophète {48}
Metropolitan Opera House; 03/19/1903
[Met Performance] CID:31310
La Fille du Régiment {13}
Pagliacci {34}

Boston Theatre, Boston, Massachusetts; 03/23/1903
[Met Performance] CID:31360
Le Prophète {49}
Boston Theatre, Boston, Massachusetts; 03/27/1903
[Met Performance] CID:31460
Carmen {173}
Boston Theatre, Boston, Massachusetts; 04/4/1903
Debut: Miss Padroni
[Met Performance] CID:31480
La Fille du Régiment {14}
Pagliacci {35}

Chicago, Illinois; 04/7/1903
[Met Performance] CID:31580
Le Prophète {50}
Chicago, Illinois; 04/17/1903
[Met Performance] CID:31640
Le Prophète {51}
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; 04/22/1903
[Met Performance] CID:31660
La Fille du Régiment {15}
Pagliacci {36}

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; 04/24/1903

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