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[Met Performance] CID:9150
United States Premiere
Asrael {1}
Metropolitan Opera House; 11/26/1890
Opening Night {8}
Edmund C. Stanton, General Manager
Debut: Andreas Dippel, Marie Jahn, Marie Ritter-Götze, Bruno Lurgenstein, Peter Mastorff, Miss Leontine, Miss Francioli, Fanny Lengyelffy, Miss Polednik, E. S. Freisinger
[Met Performance] CID:9400
United States Premiere
Diana von Solange {1}
Metropolitan Opera House; 01/9/1891
Debut: Martha Irmler
[Met Performance] CID:46340
United States Premiere
Germania {1}
Metropolitan Opera House; 01/22/1910
Debut: Lodovico Nepoti, Adolfo Hohenstein
[Met Performance] CID:46660
United States Premiere
L'Attaque du Moulin {1}
New York, Manhattan, New Theatre; 02/8/1910
[Met Performance] CID:47140
United States Premiere
The Queen of Spades {1}
Metropolitan Opera House; 03/5/1910
Debut: Adolf Rehkopf
[Met Performance] CID:49940
Germania {8}
Metropolitan Opera House; 02/1/1911

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