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[Met Concert/Gala] CID:22070
Grand Sunday Night Concert
Metropolitan Opera House; 10/15/1899
[Met Concert/Gala] CID:22330
Grand Sunday Night Concert
Metropolitan Opera House; 11/5/1899
[Met Performance] CID:32010
New production
Die Walküre {96}
Metropolitan Opera House; 11/25/1903
Debuts: Ernst Kraus, Olive Fremstad, Lillian Heidelbach, Johanna Pöhlmann, Paula Ralph, Josephine Jacoby, Marcia Van Dresser, Felix Mottl, Anton Fuchs, Max Brückner, Obronsky, Impekoven & Co.
[Met Performance] CID:32030
Rigoletto {36}
Metropolitan Opera House; 11/28/1903
[Met Performance] CID:32040
Die Walküre {97}
Metropolitan Opera House; 11/28/1903
Debut: Marion Weed
[Met Concert/Gala] CID:32110
Second Grand Sunday Night Concert
Metropolitan Opera House; 12/6/1903
[Met Performance] CID:32160
La Traviata {43}
Metropolitan Opera House; 12/12/1903
[Met Performance] CID:32250
La Traviata {44}
Metropolitan Opera House; 12/23/1903
[Met Performance] CID:32460
Rigoletto {39}
Metropolitan Opera House; 01/9/1904
Debut: Jenny Norelli
[Met Performance] CID:32590
Parsifal {5}
Metropolitan Opera House; 01/21/1904
[Met Performance] CID:32670
Parsifal {6}
Metropolitan Opera House; 01/28/1904
[Met Performance] CID:32690
Die Walküre {98}
Metropolitan Opera House; 01/30/1904
[Met Performance] CID:32720
Carmen {174}
Metropolitan Opera House; 02/1/1904
[Met Performance] CID:32750
Parsifal {7}
Metropolitan Opera House; 02/4/1904
[Met Performance] CID:32770
Carmen {175}
Metropolitan Opera House; 02/6/1904
Debuts: Pierre Rivière, Enrichetta Varasi
[Met Performance] CID:32810
Carmen {176}
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; 02/9/1904
[Met Performance] CID:32830
Parsifal {8}
Metropolitan Opera House; 02/11/1904
[Met Performance] CID:32890
Parsifal {9}
Metropolitan Opera House; 02/16/1904
[Met Performance] CID:32930
Carmen {177}
Metropolitan Opera House; 02/19/1904
[Met Performance] CID:32940
La Traviata {45} Coppélia {3}
Metropolitan Opera House; 02/20/1904
[Met Performance] CID:32950
Faust {216}
Metropolitan Opera House; 02/20/1904
[Met Concert/Gala] CID:32960
Thirteenth Grand Sunday Night Concert
Wagner Programme

Metropolitan Opera House; 02/21/1904
[Met Performance] CID:32970
Parsifal {10}
Metropolitan Opera House; 02/22/1904
[Met Performance] CID:33010
Parsifal {11}
Metropolitan Opera House; 02/25/1904
[Met Performance] CID:33080
Carmen {178}
Metropolitan Opera House; 03/2/1904
[Met Performance] CID:33110
Faust {218}
Metropolitan Opera House; 03/5/1904
[Met Performance] CID:33120
Die Walküre {99} Ring Cycle [26]
Metropolitan Opera House; 03/5/1904
[Met Performance] CID:33150
Faust {219}
New National Theatre, Washington, D.C.; 03/7/1904
[Met Performance] CID:33190
Carmen {179}
New National Theatre, Washington, D.C.; 03/9/1904
[Met Performance] CID:33210
Faust {220}
Buffalo, New York; 03/11/1904
[Met Performance] CID:33240
La Traviata {46}
Buffalo, New York; 03/12/1904
[Met Performance] CID:33260
Faust {221}
Chicago, Illinois; 03/15/1904
[Met Performance] CID:33270
Carmen {180}
Chicago, Illinois; 03/16/1904
[Met Performance] CID:33300
Il Barbiere di Siviglia {56}
Cavalleria Rusticana {87}

Chicago, Illinois; 03/19/1904
[Met Performance] CID:33370
Carmen {181}
Chicago, Illinois; 03/26/1904
[Met Performance] CID:33390
Die Walküre {102}
Cincinnati, Ohio; 03/28/1904
[Met Performance] CID:33400
La Traviata {47}
Cincinnati, Ohio; 03/28/1904
[Met Performance] CID:33430
Carmen {182}
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; 03/31/1904
[Met Performance] CID:33480
Carmen {183}
Boston Theatre, Boston, Massachusetts; 04/5/1904
[Met Performance] CID:33510
Die Walküre {103}
Boston Theatre, Boston, Massachusetts; 04/7/1904
[Met Performance] CID:33570
Faust {223}
Boston Theatre, Boston, Massachusetts; 04/13/1904
[Met Performance] CID:33610
Carmen {184}
Boston Theatre, Boston, Massachusetts; 04/16/1904
[Met Performance] CID:33640
La Traviata {48}
Providence, Rhode Island; 04/19/1904
[Met Performance] CID:33660
Faust {224}
Parsons Theatre, Hartford, Connecticut; 04/20/1904
[Met Performance] CID:33670
La Traviata {49}
Springfield, Massachusetts; 04/21/1904
[Met Performance] CID:33690
Carmen {185}
New Haven, Connecticut; 04/22/1904
[Met Performance] CID:33700
Parsifal {12}
Metropolitan Opera House; 04/23/1904
[Met Performance] CID:34020
Parsifal {13}
Metropolitan Opera House; 11/24/1904
Debuts: Susanne Baker, Lucy Lee Call, Jane Freund, Bessie Greenwood, Jeannette Herzog, Lucie Isabelle Marsh, Selma Pfeiffer, Mabel Rockwell, Alice Sanford, Adeline Thomas, Edith Vail, Werner Alberti
[Met Performance] CID:34030
Carmen {186}
Metropolitan Opera House; 11/25/1904
[Met Performance] CID:34040
La Traviata {50}
Metropolitan Opera House; 11/26/1904

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