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[Met Performance] CID:32510
Parsifal {4}
Metropolitan Opera House; 01/14/1904
Debut: Lucille Lawrence
[Met Performance] CID:32830
Parsifal {8}
Metropolitan Opera House; 02/11/1904
[Met Performance] CID:34020
Parsifal {13}
Metropolitan Opera House; 11/24/1904
Debuts: Susanne Baker, Lucy Lee Call, Jane Freund, Bessie Greenwood, Jeannette Herzog, Lucie Isabelle Marsh, Selma Pfeiffer, Mabel Rockwell, Alice Sanford, Adeline Thomas, Edith Vail, Werner Alberti
[Met Performance] CID:34090
Parsifal {14}
Metropolitan Opera House; 12/1/1904
Debut: Roberta Glanville
[Met Performance] CID:34170
Parsifal {15}
Metropolitan Opera House; 12/8/1904
[Met Performance] CID:34250
Parsifal {16}
Metropolitan Opera House; 12/15/1904
[Met Performance] CID:34310
Parsifal {17}
Metropolitan Opera House; 12/22/1904
[Met Performance] CID:34370
Parsifal {18}
Metropolitan Opera House; 12/26/1904
[Met Performance] CID:34460
Parsifal {19}
Metropolitan Opera House; 01/2/1905
[Met Performance] CID:34990
Metropolitan Opera Premiere
Die Fledermaus {1}
Metropolitan Opera House; 02/16/1905
Debut: Max Hänseler
[Met Performance] CID:35070
Parsifal {20}
Metropolitan Opera House; 02/22/1905
[Met Performance] CID:35200
Die Walküre {108}
Metropolitan Opera House; 03/4/1905
[Met Performance] CID:35230
Parsifal {21}
Boston Theatre, Boston, Massachusetts; 03/7/1905
[Met Performance] CID:35250
Parsifal {22}
Boston Theatre, Boston, Massachusetts; 03/9/1905
Debuts: Hannah Keene, Florence Metzger
[Met Performance] CID:35310
Parsifal {23}
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; 03/14/1905
Debut: Miss Walter
[Met Performance] CID:35350
Parsifal {24}
Cincinnati, Ohio; 03/17/1905
[Met Performance] CID:35390
Parsifal {25}
Chicago, Illinois; 03/21/1905
[Met Performance] CID:35410
Parsifal {26}
Chicago, Illinois; 03/23/1905
[Met Performance] CID:35460
Parsifal {27}
Minneapolis, Minnesota; 03/27/1905
Debut: Miss Hertz
[Met Performance] CID:35490
Parsifal {28}
Omaha, Nebraska; 03/29/1905
[Met Performance] CID:35510
Parsifal {29}
Kansas City, Missouri; 03/31/1905
[Met Performance] CID:35560
Parsifal {30}
Grand Opera House, San Francisco, California; 04/7/1905
[Met Performance] CID:35610
Parsifal {31}
Grand Opera House, San Francisco, California; 04/11/1905
[Met Performance] CID:35630
Parsifal {32}
Grand Opera House, San Francisco, California; 04/13/1905
[Met Performance] CID:35680
Parsifal {33}
Los Angeles, California; 04/17/1905
[Met Performance] CID:35700
Parsifal {34}
Dallas Opers House, Dallas, Texas; 04/21/1905
[Met Performance] CID:35710
Parsifal {35}
The Houston Theatre, Houston, Texas; 04/22/1905
[Met Performance] CID:35720
Parsifal {36}
New Orleans, Louisiana; 04/24/1905
[Met Performance] CID:35730
Parsifal {37}
Atlanta, Georgia; 04/26/1905
Debut: Miss Walker
[Met Performance] CID:35740
Parsifal {38}
Birmingham, Alabama; 04/27/1905
[Met Performance] CID:350549
Parsifal {39}
Nashville, Tennessee; 4/29/1905
[Met Performance] CID:36020
Rigoletto {44}
Metropolitan Opera House; 11/24/1905
Debut: Felice Foglia
[Met Performance] CID:36290
Rigoletto {45}
Metropolitan Opera House; 12/20/1905
[Met Performance] CID:36360
Rigoletto {46}
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; 12/26/1905
[Met Performance] CID:36570
Parsifal {40}
Metropolitan Opera House; 01/11/1906
Debut: Helen Allyn, Miss Auspitz, Mary Kenney, Jessie Minges, Miss Newcombe, Inga Örner
[Met Performance] CID:36620
Aida {100}
Metropolitan Opera House; 01/15/1906
[Met Performance] CID:36650
Parsifal {41}
Metropolitan Opera House; 01/18/1906
[Met Performance] CID:36730
Parsifal {42}
Metropolitan Opera House; 01/25/1906
[Met Performance] CID:36740
Aida {101}
Metropolitan Opera House; 01/26/1906
[Met Performance] CID:36840
Aida {102}
Metropolitan Opera House; 02/3/1906
[Met Concert/Gala] CID:36850
Eleventh Grand Sunday Night Concert
Metropolitan Opera House; 02/4/1906
[Met Performance] CID:36870
Aida {103}
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; 02/6/1906
[Met Performance] CID:36900
Martha {23}
Metropolitan Opera House; 02/9/1906
[Met Performance] CID:36970
Metropolitan Opera Premiere
Der Zigeunerbaron {1}
Metropolitan Opera House; 02/15/1906
[Met Performance] CID:37050
Parsifal {43}
Metropolitan Opera House; 02/22/1906
Debut: Evelyn Parnelle
[Met Performance] CID:37080
Aida {104}
Metropolitan Opera House; 02/24/1906
[Met Performance] CID:37640
Martha {30}
Kansas City, Missouri; 04/12/1906
[Met Concert/Gala] CID:354911
Grand Concert Conried Metropolitan School of Opera
Metropolitan Opera House; 05/18/1906
[Met Performance] CID:38240
Aida {105}
Metropolitan Opera House; 12/21/1906
Debut: Celestina Boninsegna
Review / Chapter: Celestina Boninsegna
[Met Performance] CID:38590
Aida {106}
Metropolitan Opera House; 01/21/1907

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