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[Met Performance] CID:232560
United States Premiere (Syllabaire pour Phèdre)
Metropolitan Opera Premiere (Dido and Aeneas)
Syllabaire pour Phèdre {1} Dido and Aeneas {1}
Vivian Beaumont Theater, Forum, New York; 02/17/1973
Debuts: Cynthia Barnett, Richard Dufallo, Ming Cho Lee, Jane Greenwood, Shirley Prendergast, Susan Belling, Elaine Bonazzi, Barbara Hoffman, Barbara Martin, Margery Ryan, David Britton, Gary Burgess, Phillip Otto, Richard Tanner
[Met Performance] CID:232600
Metropolitan Opera Premiere
Four Saints in Three Acts {1}
Vivian Beaumont Theater, Forum, New York; 02/20/1973
Debuts: Barbara Hendricks, Walter Richardson, Nancy Szabo, Betty Allen, Benjamin Matthews, Clamma Dale, .Hilda Harris, Arthur Thompson, Henry Price, Connie Barnett, Carolyn Val-Schmidt, Melvin Lowery, Arthur Warren, Stephen Rowland, Roland Gagnon
[Met Performance] CID:239910
New Production
Boris Godunov {171}
Metropolitan Opera House; 12/16/1974
An adapted version of the original Mussorgsky orchestration was used for this production.
[Met Performance] CID:244360
New Production
I Puritani {9}
Metropolitan Opera House; 02/25/1976
[Met Performance] CID:247260
New Production
Lohengrin {552}
Metropolitan Opera House; 11/4/1976
Debut: René Kollo
[Met Performance] CID:252410
New production
La Favorita {11}
Metropolitan Opera House; 02/21/1978
[Met Performance] CID:282210
New Production
Khovanshchina {5}
Metropolitan Opera House; 10/14/1985
Debuts: Helga Dernesch, John Conklin
Shostakovich orchestration

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