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[Met Performance] CID:19250
Lohengrin {121}
Chicago, Illinois; 11/7/1898
Debuts: Ernestine Schumann-Heink, Lempriere Pringle, Adolph Mühlmann, Pierre Baudu
[Met Performance] CID:19270
Tannhäuser {75}
Chicago, Illinois; 11/9/1898
Debuts: Ernest Van Dyck, Hans Meffert, Franz Schalk
[Met Performance] CID:19300
Lohengrin {122}
Chicago, Illinois; 11/12/1898
[Met Performance] CID:19320
Tannhäuser {76}
Chicago, Illinois; 11/14/1898
[Met Performance] CID:19360
Die Walküre {49}
Chicago, Illinois; 11/18/1898
[Met Performance] CID:19410
Die Walküre {50}
Chicago, Illinois; 11/23/1898
[Met Performance] CID:19450
Tannhäuser {77}
Metropolitan Opera House; 11/29/1898
Opening Night {14}
Maurice Grau, General Manager
[Met Performance] CID:19480
Tannhäuser {78}
Metropolitan Opera House; 12/3/1898
[Met Performance] CID:19530
Tannhäuser {79}
Metropolitan Opera House; 12/9/1898
[Met Performance] CID:19650
Lohengrin {123}
Metropolitan Opera House; 12/23/1898
[Met Performance] CID:19720
Lohengrin {124}
Metropolitan Opera House; 12/31/1898
[Met Performance] CID:19820
Lohengrin {125}
Metropolitan Opera House; 01/9/1899
[Met Performance] CID:19830
Lohengrin {126}
New York, Brooklyn; 01/10/1899
[Met Performance] CID:19850 Brochure Brochure
New production
Das Rheingold {21} Ring Cycle [11] Uncut
Metropolitan Opera House; 01/12/1899
[Met Performance] CID:19990 Brochure Brochure
New production
Götterdämmerung {29} Ring Cycle [11] Uncut
Metropolitan Opera House; 01/24/1899
[Met Performance] CID:20000
Tannhäuser {80}
Metropolitan Opera House; 01/25/1899
[Met Performance] CID:20020
Das Rheingold {22}
Metropolitan Opera House; 01/27/1899
[Met Performance] CID:20030
Lohengrin {127}
Metropolitan Opera House; 01/28/1899
[Met Performance] CID:20070
Tannhäuser {81}
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; 01/31/1899
[Met Performance] CID:20100
Götterdämmerung {30}
Metropolitan Opera House; 02/3/1899
Norns scene omitted
[Met Performance] CID:20160
Das Rheingold {23} Ring Cycle [12] Uncut
Metropolitan Opera House; 02/7/1899
[Met Performance] CID:20180
Lohengrin {128}
Metropolitan Opera House; 02/8/1899
[Met Performance] CID:20230
Tannhäuser {82}
Metropolitan Opera House; 02/11/1899
[Met Performance] CID:20280
Götterdämmerung {31} Ring Cycle [12] Uncut
Metropolitan Opera House; 02/16/1899
[Met Performance] CID:20290
Lohengrin {129}
Metropolitan Opera House; 02/17/1899
[Met Performance] CID:20340
Lohengrin {130}
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; 02/21/1899
[Met Performance] CID:20370
Tannhäuser {83}
Metropolitan Opera House; 02/24/1899
[Met Performance] CID:20470
Lohengrin {131}
Metropolitan Opera House; 03/4/1899
[Met Performance] CID:20540
Lohengrin {132}
Metropolitan Opera House; 03/11/1899
[Met Performance] CID:20570
Das Rheingold {24} Ring Cycle [13] Uncut
Metropolitan Opera House; 03/13/1899
[Met Performance] CID:20660
Götterdämmerung {32} Ring Cycle [13] Uncut
Metropolitan Opera House; 03/20/1899
[Met Performance] CID:20680
Lohengrin {133}
Metropolitan Opera House; 03/21/1899
[Met Performance] CID:20690
Tannhäuser {84}
Metropolitan Opera House; 03/22/1899
[Met Concert/Gala] CID:20700
Anton Seidl Testimonial Performance
Metropolitan Opera House; 03/23/1899
[Met Performance] CID:20750
Lohengrin {134}
Boston, Massachusetts; 03/27/1899
[Met Performance] CID:20760
Tannhäuser {85}
Boston, Massachusetts; 03/28/1899
[Met Performance] CID:20870
Lohengrin {135}
Boston, Massachusetts; 04/5/1899
[Met Concert/Gala] CID:22240
Grand Sunday Night Concert
Metropolitan Opera House; 10/29/1899
[Met Performance] CID:22320
Lohengrin {139}
St. Louis, Missouri; 11/4/1899
[Met Performance] CID:22390
Lohengrin {140}
Cincinnati, Ohio; 11/10/1899
Debut: Milka Ternina
[Met Performance] CID:22430
Tannhäuser {86}
Chicago, Illinois; 11/13/1899
Debut: Emil Paur
[Met Performance] CID:22470
Lohengrin {141}
Chicago, Illinois; 11/17/1899
[Met Performance] CID:22520
Tannhäuser {87}
Chicago, Illinois; 11/21/1899
[Met Performance] CID:22550
Die Walküre {63}
Chicago, Illinois; 11/24/1899
Debut: Eleanor Broadfoot
[Met Performance] CID:22600
Lohengrin {142}
Chicago, Illinois; 11/28/1899
[Met Performance] CID:22690
Lohengrin {143}
Boston Theatre, Boston, Massachusetts; 12/6/1899
[Met Performance] CID:22720
Lohengrin {144}
Boston Theatre, Boston, Massachusetts; 12/8/1899
[Met Concert/Gala] CID:22750
Grand Sacred Concert
Boston Theatre, Boston, Massachusetts; 12/10/1899
[Met Performance] CID:22900
Lohengrin {145}
Metropolitan Opera House; 12/23/1899
[Met Performance] CID:22960
Tannhäuser {88}
Academy of Music, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; 12/28/1899
Debut: Johanna Gadski

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