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[Met Performance] CID:287070
Madama Butterfly {643}
Metropolitan Opera House; 01/8/1987
Debut: Vyacheslav M. Polozov
[Met Performance] CID:288182
La Bohème {919}
Stanhope, New Jersey, Waterloo Village; 6/30/1987
[Met Performance] CID:288190
La Bohème {920}
New Brunswick, New Jersey, Rutgers University; 07/3/1987
[Met Performance] CID:291090
Macbeth {71}
Metropolitan Opera House; 01/7/1988
Debuts: Eva Zseller, Philip Cokorinos
[Met Performance] CID:291140
Macbeth {72}
Metropolitan Opera House; 01/11/1988
[Met Performance] CID:291180
Macbeth {73}
Metropolitan Opera House; 01/15/1988
[Met Performance] CID:291220
Macbeth {74}
Metropolitan Opera House; 01/19/1988
[Met Performance] CID:291260
Cancelled Performance
Macbeth: Acts I, II partial

Metropolitan Opera House; 01/23/1988
During the second intermission, following Act II, a member of the audience leapt to his death from the side Family Circle; the balance of the performance was cancelled.

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