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[Met Performance] CID:284280
Aida {905}
Wang Center for the Performing Arts, Boston, Massachusetts; 05/8/1986
Debut: Bruno Sebastian
[Met Performance] CID:284350
Aida {906}
Playhouse Square Center, Cleveland, Ohio; 05/15/1986
[Met Performance] CID:284420
Aida {907}
Atlanta Civic Center, Atlanta, Georgia; 05/22/1986
[Met Performance] CID:284460
Tosca {702}
University of Minnesota, Northrop Auditorium, Minneapolis, Minnesota; 05/26/1986
[Met Performance] CID:284490
Aida {908}
University of Minnesota, Northrop Auditorium, Minneapolis, Minnesota; 05/29/1986
[Met Performance] CID:286140
Aida {917}
Metropolitan Opera House; 10/7/1986
[Met Performance] CID:286230
Aida {919}
Metropolitan Opera House; 10/16/1986
[Met Performance] CID:286300
Aida {920}
Metropolitan Opera House; 10/23/1986
[Met Performance] CID:286350
Aida {921}
Metropolitan Opera House; 10/28/1986
[Met Performance] CID:286380
Aida {922}
Metropolitan Opera House; 10/31/1986
[Met Performance] CID:286410
Aida {923}
Metropolitan Opera House; 11/3/1986
[Met Performance] CID:288181
Tosca {720}
Stanhope, New Jersey, Waterloo Village; 6/29/1987
[Met Performance] CID:288200
Tosca {721}
Jersey City, New Jersey, Liberty State Park; 7/5/1987

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