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[Met Performance] CID:92670
United States Premieres
La Vida Breve {1}
Le Rossignol {1}

Metropolitan Opera House; 03/6/1926
[Met Performance] CID:122820
Metropolitan Opera Premiere (Apollon Musagètes)
Apollon Musagètes {1}
Salome {11}

Metropolitan Opera House; 02/4/1938
Debuts: Lillian Reilly, Stewart Chaney, Muriel King, Inc.
[Met Performance] CID:161960 Opera News
United States Premiere
In the presence of the composer
The Rake's Progress {1}
Metropolitan Opera House; 02/14/1953
[Met Performance] CID:266810
New Production
Stravinsky {1}
Le Sacre du Printemps {1}
Le Rossignol {9}
Oedipus Rex {1}

Metropolitan Opera House; 12/3/1981
Debuts: Jean-Pierre Bonnefoux, Natalia Makarova, Anthony Dowell, Robin Hanriot

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