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[Met Performance] CID:74360
Aida {252}
Academy of Music, Brooklyn, New York; 03/6/1920
[Met Performance] CID:78090
Aida {265}
Auditorium, Atlanta, Georgia; 04/29/1921
Debut: Dorothy Snediker
[Met Performance] CID:79090
Aida {267}
Brooklyn Academy of Music, New York, Brooklyn; 11/22/1921
[Met Performance] CID:87370
Aida {293}
Public Auditorium, Cleveland, Ohio; 04/28/1924
[Met Performance] CID:88690
Aida {297}
Metropolitan Opera House; 12/25/1924
[Met Performance] CID:88790
Aida {298}
Metropolitan Opera House; 01/2/1925
[Met Performance] CID:93300
Aida {314}
Auditorium, Atlanta, Georgia; 04/19/1926
[Met Performance] CID:93460
Aida {315}
Public Auditorium, Cleveland, Ohio; 05/5/1926
[Met Performance] CID:96470
Aida {325}
Public Auditorium, Cleveland, Ohio; 05/2/1927
[Met Performance] CID:99480
Aida {333}
Public Hall, Cleveland, Ohio; 04/30/1928
[Met Performance] CID:102410
Aida {343}
Poli's Theatre, Washington, D.C.; 04/20/1929
[Met Performance] CID:102440
Aida {344}
Auditorium, Atlanta, Georgia; 04/23/1929
[Met Performance] CID:105340
Aida {355}
Baltimore, Maryland; 04/21/1930
[Met Performance] CID:105420
Aida {356}
Mosque Auditorium, Richmond, Virginia; 04/29/1930

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