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[Met Performance] CID:232270
Aida {805}
Metropolitan Opera House; 01/20/1973
Debut: Richard Cassilly
[Met Performance] CID:232360
Aida {806}
Metropolitan Opera House; 01/30/1973
[Met Performance] CID:233550
Aida {811}
Hynes Civic Auditorium, Boston, Massachusetts; 04/28/1973
[Met Performance] CID:233620
Aida {812}
Cleveland Public Auditorium, Cleveland, Ohio; 05/5/1973
Debut: Guillermo Sarabia
[Met Performance] CID:233650
Aida {813}
Atlanta Civic Center, Atlanta, Georgia; 05/8/1973
[Met Performance] CID:233800
Aida {814}
Minneapolis, Minnesota; 05/23/1973
[Met Performance] CID:233890
Aida {815}
Detroit, Michigan; 06/1/1973
[Met Performance] CID:233930
Aida {816}
Metropolitan Opera House; 06/5/1973
[Met Performance] CID:233990
Aida {817}
Metropolitan Opera House; 06/11/1973
Dmitri Shostakovich was in the audience for this performance. During the second intermission, he was serenaded from the pit with the trumpet duet from his 5th Symphony.
[Met Performance] CID:234110
Aida {818}
Metropolitan Opera House; 06/23/1973

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