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[Met Concert/Gala] CID:350303
The MET Orchestra
Baker Hall, Bethlehem, Pennsylvania; 04/30/1999
[Met Concert/Gala] CID:350304
The MET Orchestra
Carnegie Hall, New York; 05/02/1999
[Met Concert/Gala] CID:350307
The MET Orchestra
Auditorio Našional de Musica, Madrid, Spain; 05/15/1999
[Met Concert/Gala] CID:350308
The MET Orchestra
Palai de la M˙sica, Valencia, Spain; 05/16/1999
[Met Concert/Gala] CID:350309
The MET Orchestra
Musikhalle, Grosser Saal, Hamburg, Germany; 05/19/1999
[Met Concert/Gala] CID:350310
The MET Orchestra
K÷lner Philharmonie, Cologne, Germany; 05/27/1999
[Met Concert/Gala] CID:350316
The MET Orchestra
Victoria Hall, Geneva, Switzerland; 05/28/1999

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