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[Met Performance] CID:158810
New production
Carmen {465}
Metropolitan Opera House; 01/31/1952
Debuts: Tyrone Guthrie, Loren Hightower
[Met Performance] CID:158880
Carmen {466}
Metropolitan Opera House; 02/7/1952
[Met Performance] CID:158930
Carmen {467}
American Academy of Music, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; 02/12/1952
[Met Performance] CID:158970 Opera News
Carmen {468}
Metropolitan Opera House; 02/16/1952
[Met Performance] CID:159390
Carmen {473}
Lyric Theatre, Baltimore, Maryland; 03/25/1952
[Met Performance] CID:159520
Carmen {475}
Metropolitan Opera House; 04/5/1952
[Met Performance] CID:159630
Carmen {476}
Music Hall, Cleveland, Ohio; 04/17/1952
[Met Performance] CID:159700
Carmen {477}
Boston Opera House, Boston, Massachusetts; 04/23/1952
[Met Performance] CID:159790
Carmen {478}
Washington, D.C.; 04/29/1952
[Met Performance] CID:159820
Carmen {479}
Fox Theatre, Atlanta, Georgia; 05/2/1952
[Met Performance] CID:159870
Carmen {480}
Memphis, Tennessee; 05/7/1952
[Met Performance] CID:159920
Carmen {481}
Dallas, Texas; 05/11/1952
[Met Performance] CID:159980
Carmen {483}
Minneapolis, Minnesota; 05/17/1952
[Met Performance] CID:160030
Carmen {484}
Purdue Hall of Music, Lafayette, Indiana; 05/21/1952
[Met Performance] CID:160050
Carmen {485}
Kiel Auditorium, St. Louis, Missouri; 05/23/1952
[Met Performance] CID:160100
Carmen {486}
Toronto, Canada; 05/28/1952
[Met Performance] CID:160130
Carmen {487}
Forum, Montreal Canada; 05/31/1952
[Met Performance] CID:161060
Carmen {488}
Metropolitan Opera House; 11/19/1952
[Met Performance] CID:161170
Carmen {489}
Metropolitan Opera House; 11/29/1952
[Met Performance] CID:161280 Press Release 1 Press Release 2 Program Insert
Carmen {491}
Metropolitan Opera House; 12/11/1952
[Met Performance] CID:161810 Opera News
Carmen {496}
Metropolitan Opera House; 01/31/1953
[Met Performance] CID:162590
Carmen {500}
Metropolitan Opera House; 04/11/1953
[Met Performance] CID:162620
Carmen {501}
Public Auditorium, Cleveland, Ohio; 04/15/1953
[Met Performance] CID:162690
Carmen {502}
Boston Opera House, Boston, Massachusetts; 04/21/1953
[Met Performance] CID:162850
Carmen {503}
Auditorium, Birmingham, Alabama; 05/4/1953
[Met Performance] CID:162930
Carmen {504}
Auditorium, Houston, Texas; 05/11/1953
[Met Performance] CID:163100
Carmen {505}
Maple Leaf Gardens, Toronto, Canada; 05/26/1953

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