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[Met Performance] CID:27990
Carmen {151}
San Francisco, California; 11/20/1901
[Met Performance] CID:28010
Carmen {152}
San Francisco, California; 11/22/1901
[Met Performance] CID:28110
Carmen {153}
San Francisco, California; 11/30/1901
[Met Performance] CID:28160
Carmen {154}
San Francisco, California; 12/4/1901
[Met Performance] CID:28810
Carmen {158}
Metropolitan Opera House; 02/1/1902
[Met Performance] CID:29270
Carmen {162}
Metropolitan Opera House; 03/8/1902
[Met Performance] CID:29680
Carmen {167}
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; 04/16/1902
[Met Performance] CID:29710
Carmen {168}
Music Hall, Baltimore, Maryland; 04/18/1902
[Met Performance] CID:29750
Carmen {169}
Academy of Music, New York, Brooklyn; 4/22/1902
[Met Performance] CID:32720
Carmen {174}
Metropolitan Opera House; 02/1/1904
[Met Performance] CID:37290
Carmen {193}
Metropolitan Opera House; 03/14/1906

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