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[Met Performance] CID:143760
Der Rosenkavalier {112}
American Academy of Music, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; 01/21/1947
[Met Performance] CID:143950
Der Rosenkavalier {113}
Metropolitan Opera House; 02/8/1947
[Met Performance] CID:144220
Der Rosenkavalier {114}
Metropolitan Opera House; 03/7/1947
[Met Performance] CID:144340
Der Rosenkavalier {115}
Baltimore, Maryland; 03/18/1947
Debut: Angelina Buonamassa|
[Met Performance] CID:147410
Der Rosenkavalier {121}
Boston Opera House, Boston, Massachusetts; 03/15/1948
[Met Performance] CID:147620
Der Rosenkavalier {122}
Fox Theatre, Atlanta, Georgia; 04/3/1948

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