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[Met Performance] CID:7580
Die Walküre {34} Ring Cycle [5]
Boston Theatre, Boston, Massachusetts; 04/10/1889
[Met Performance] CID:7630
Die Walküre {35} Ring Cycle [6]
Academy of Music, Milwaukee, Wisconsin; 04/17/1889
[Met Performance] CID:7670
Die Walküre {36} Ring Cycle [7]
Chicago Opera House, Chicago, Illinois; 04/23/1889
[Met Performance] CID:7810
Die Walküre {37} Ring Cycle [8]
Grand Music Hall, St. Louis, Missouri; 05/7/1889
[Met Performance] CID:355137
Die Walküre {38} Ring Cycle [9]
Amphion Academy, Brooklyn, New York; 05/14/1889
[Met Performance] CID:8490
Die Walküre {40}
Metropolitan Opera House; 02/17/1890
[Met Performance] CID:8980
Die Walküre {42}
The Auditorium, Chicago, Illinois; 05/9/1890

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