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[Met Performance] CID:43410
Don Pasquale {19}
Pagliacci {80}

Academy of Music, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; 03/2/1909
[Met Performance] CID:43720
Don Pasquale {20} Pagliacci {83}
Metropolitan Opera House; 03/24/1909
[Met Performance] CID:45730
Don Pasquale {21}
Rita Sacchetto: Art of Dance {3}

New York, Manhattan, New Theatre; 12/23/1909
[Met Performance] CID:46050
Don Pasquale {22}
L'Histoire d'un Pierrot {3}

New York, Manhattan, New Theatre; 01/7/1910
[Met Performance] CID:46130
Il Maestro di Cappella {5}
Don Pasquale {23}

New York, Manhattan, New Theatre; 01/12/1910
Debut: Tullio Voghera
[Met Performance] CID:46540
Don Pasquale {24}
Metropolitan Opera House; 02/2/1910

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