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[Met Performance] CID:165000
Faust {508}
Metropolitan Opera House; 02/24/1954
[Met Performance] CID:165260
Faust {509}
Metropolitan Opera House; 03/20/1954
[Met Performance] CID:165610
Faust {510}
Public Auditorium, Cleveland, Ohio; 04/21/1954
[Met Performance] CID:165670
Faust {511}
Boston Opera House, Boston, Massachusetts; 04/27/1954
[Met Performance] CID:165750
Faust {512}
Fox Theatre, Atlanta, Georgia; 05/4/1954
[Met Performance] CID:165840
Faust {513}
State Fair Auditorium, Dallas, Texas; 05/10/1954
[Met Performance] CID:165860
Faust {514}
Kiel Auditorium, St. Louis, Missouri; 05/12/1954
[Met Performance] CID:165910
Faust {515}
Northrup Memorial Auditorium, Minneapolis, Minnesota; 05/16/1954
[Met Performance] CID:165930
Faust {516}
Indiana University Auditorium, Bloomington, Indiana; 05/18/1954
[Met Performance] CID:165950
Faust {517}
Opera House, Chicago, Illinois; 05/20/1954
[Met Performance] CID:166050
Faust {518}
Maple Leaf Gardens, Toronto, Canada; 05/28/1954
[Met Performance] CID:168010
Faust {524}
Metropolitan Opera House; 02/18/1955
[Met Performance] CID:168230
Faust {526}
Metropolitan Opera House; 03/11/1955
[Met Performance] CID:168310
Faust {527}
Metropolitan Opera House; 03/18/1955
[Met Performance] CID:168360
Faust {528}
Metropolitan Opera House; 03/22/1955
[Met Performance] CID:168390
Faust {529}
Metropolitan Opera House; 03/25/1955
[Met Performance] CID:168470
Faust {530}
Metropolitan Opera House; 04/1/1955
[Met Performance] CID:168530
Faust {531}
Metropolitan Opera House; 04/6/1955
[Met Performance] CID:168710
Faust {532}
Boston Opera House, Boston, Massachusetts; 04/21/1955
[Met Performance] CID:168770
Faust {533}
Capitol Theatre, Washington, D.C.; 04/26/1955
[Met Performance] CID:168830
Faust {534}
The Auditorium, Birmingham, Alabama; 05/2/1955
[Met Performance] CID:169150
Faust {535}
The Forum, Montreal Canada; 05/31/1955
[Met Performance] CID:170620
Faust {539}
Metropolitan Opera House; 01/16/1956
[Met Performance] CID:170930
Faust {541}
Metropolitan Opera House; 02/16/1956
[Met Performance] CID:171700
Faust {542}
Cleveland Public Auditorium, Cleveland, Ohio; 04/25/1956
[Met Performance] CID:172090
Faust {543}
Maple Leaf Gardens,Toronto, Canada; 05/29/1956
[Met Performance] CID:177980
Faust {553}
Fox Theatre, Atlanta, Georgia; 05/3/1958
[Met Performance] CID:178020
Faust {554}
Municipal Auditorium, Memphis, Tennessee; 05/7/1958
[Met Performance] CID:214750
Faust {614}
New York, Brooklyn, Prospeck Park; 06/12/1968
[Met Performance] CID:214770
Faust {615}
New York, Manhattan, Central Park; 06/15/1968
[Met Performance] CID:214790
Faust {616}
New York, Staten Island, Clove Lakes Park; 06/19/1968
[Met Performance] CID:214810
Faust {617}
New York, Queens, Crocheron Park; 06/22/1968
[Met Performance] CID:227400
Faust {643}
Metropolitan Opera House; 10/29/1971
[Met Performance] CID:229250
Faust {650}
Hynes Civic Auditorium, Boston, Massachusetts; 04/27/1972
[Met Performance] CID:229320
Faust {651}
Cleveland Public Auditorium, Cleveland, Ohio; 05/4/1972
[Met Performance] CID:229370
Faust {652}
Atlanta Civic Center, Atlanta, Georgia; 05/9/1972

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