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[Met Concert/Gala] CID:13410
First Grand Sunday Night Concert Concert
Metropolitan Opera House; 11/25/1894
[Met Concert/Gala] CID:67570
Seventh Sunday Concert
Metropolitan Opera House; 12/30/1917
[Met Concert/Gala] CID:75010
Last Sunday Night Concert
Metropolitan Opera House; 04/25/1920
[Met Concert/Gala] CID:104890
Grand Sunday Night Concert
Metropolitan Opera House; 03/16/1930
[Met Concert/Gala] CID:106740
Special Concert
Metropolitan Opera House; 12/21/1930
[Met Concert/Gala] CID:120080
Grand Sunday Night Program
Metropolitan Opera House; 12/27/1936
[Met Concert/Gala] CID:354169
Caballé - Carreras Concert: Spain in the Opera
Metropolitan Opera House; 10/07/1984
Consulate General of Spain Presentation
[Met Concert/Gala] CID:350680
National Council Winners Concert
Metropolitan Opera House; 04/01/1990
First Appearance: Adrienne Dugger, Kitt Reuter-Foss, Catherine Cook, Roy Cornelius Smith, Steven Combs, Rebecca Russell, Youngok Shin
[Met Concert/Gala] CID:354113
Jonas Kaufmann in Recital
Metropolitan Opera House; 10/30/2011
[Met Concert/Gala] CID:357449
At Home Gala
Streaming live from around the world; 4/25/2020
[Met Concert/Gala] CID:357450
The Met's Online Recital Series: Jonas Kaufmann
Polling Abbey, Germany; 7/18/2020

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