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[Met Performance] CID:4440
Lohengrin {27}
Academy of Music, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; 12/24/1885
[Met Performance] CID:4470
Lohengrin {28}
Academy of Music, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; 12/28/1885
[Met Performance] CID:5180
Lohengrin {34}
Euclid Avenue Opera House, Cleveland, Ohio; 04/10/1886
[Met Performance] CID:7790
Lohengrin {48}
Chicago Opera House, Chicago, Illinois; 05/4/1889
[Met Performance] CID:47740
Lohengrin {250}
Baltimore, Maryland; 04/5/1910
[Met Performance] CID:47800
Lohengrin {251}
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; 04/7/1910
[Met Performance] CID:47900
Lohengrin {252}
Cleveland, Ohio; 04/12/1910
[Met Performance] CID:48060
Lohengrin {254}
Milwaukee, Wisconsin; 04/19/1910
[Met Performance] CID:48120
Lohengrin {255}
St. Paul, Minnesota; 04/21/1910
[Met Performance] CID:48230
Lohengrin {256}
Chicago, Illinois; 04/26/1910
[Met Performance] CID:48370
Lohengrin {257}
Auditorium, Atlanta, Georgia; 05/2/1910

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