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[Met Performance] CID:272540
Lucia di Lammermoor {447}
Music Hall, Dallas, Texas; 05/12/1983
[Met Performance] CID:272600
Lucia di Lammermoor {448}
Northrop Memorial Auditorium, Minneapolis, Minnesota; 05/18/1983
[Met Performance] CID:272880
Lucia di Lammermoor {452}
New York, Manhattan, Central Park; 06/14/1983
[Met Performance] CID:272900
Lucia di Lammermoor {453}
New York, Bronx, The Green Way; 06/17/1983
[Met Performance] CID:272950
Lucia di Lammermoor {455}
East Meadow, New York, Eisenhower Park; 6/25/1983

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