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[Met Performance] CID:1450
Lucia di Lammermoor {4}
Boston Theatre, Boston, Massachusetts; 12/27/1883
[Met Performance] CID:1650
Lucia di Lammermoor {5}
Chestnut St. Opera House, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; 01/15/1884
[Met Performance] CID:1720
Lucia di Lammermoor {6}
Haverly's Theatre, Chicago, Illinois; 01/22/1884
[Met Performance] CID:2370
Les Huguenots: Act I
Lucia di Lammermoor {10}

Metropolitan Opera House; 04/7/1884
Les Huguenots was scheduled, but the indisposition of Christine Nilsson necessitated the subsitition of an abbreviated Lucia
[Met Performance] CID:11190
Lucia di Lammermoor {11}
Metropolitan Opera House; 04/6/1892

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