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[Met Performance] CID:190710
Macbeth {18}
Metropolitan Opera House; 04/2/1962
[Met Performance] CID:233540
Macbeth {35}
Hynes Civic Auditorium, Boston, Massachusetts; 04/27/1973
[Met Performance] CID:233610
Macbeth {36}
Cleveland Public Auditorium, Cleveland, Ohio; 05/4/1973
[Met Performance] CID:233680
Macbeth {37}
Atlanta Civic Center, Atlanta, Georgia; 05/11/1973
[Met Performance] CID:233880
Macbeth {41}
Detroit, Michigan; 05/31/1973
[Met Performance] CID:233920
Macbeth {42}
Metropolitan Opera House; 06/4/1973
[Met Performance] CID:272380
Macbeth {55}
Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, Washington, D.C.; 04/26/1983
[Met Performance] CID:272520
Macbeth {57}
Dixon-Myers Hall, Memphis, Tennessee; 05/10/1983
[Met Performance] CID:275360
Macbeth {68}
Metropolitan Opera House; 02/4/1984

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