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[Met Performance] CID:168440
Manon {180}
Lyric Theatre, Baltimore, Maryland; 03/29/1955
[Met Performance] CID:168460
Manon {181}
Metropolitan Opera House; 03/31/1955
[Met Performance] CID:168700
Manon {182}
Boston Opera House, Boston, Massachusetts; 04/20/1955
[Met Performance] CID:168790
Manon {183}
Fox Theatre,Atlanta, Georgia; 04/28/1955
[Met Performance] CID:168900
Manon {184}
Fair Park Auditorium,Dallas, Texas; 05/8/1955
[Met Performance] CID:169030
Manon {185}
Chicago Opera House, Chicago, Illinois; 05/20/1955
[Met Performance] CID:169140
Manon {186}
The Forum, Montreal Canada; 05/30/1955

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